A Visitor’s Guide to Liverpool, United Kingdom


Liverpool is a vivacious city north of London and located on the Mersey River.  It’s a great place to visit and offers an excellent mix of cultural and adventurous activities to enjoy.  The UK’s fourth largest city, its people, nicknamed ‘Scousers’, have very strong dialects and are friendly and welcoming to visitors.  This is one city that should be on everyone’s itinerary when travelling to the UK.

Famous for the Beatles, Mersey Beat music and two English Premier League football teams this large conurbation offers an eclectic view of northerners. During your visit, why not sample a traditional meal called Scouse (not to be confused with the local accent), a hearty lamb stew made often from locally sourced ingredients, and sample a wide selection of beers in the National Beer festival every February.  Liverpool was once the slave trade capital of Northern England and there’s a museum dedicated to that historic period.
1. After Dark in Liverpool


Liverpool has no shortage of desirable evening venues, which range from fabulous nightclubs to fun bars.  Head to Wood Street to find a good selection of all types of venue on offer in this party city, and enjoy a few cocktails or local beers before heading off to a late night dance club.  Mood on Fleet Street is one of the city’s oldest locations, and is still a popular destination.  There are a few private members clubs located here, although you aren’t likely to get across the threshold if you don’t have a booking, but do offer occasional ‘taster’ evenings, so check them out online before you go if you fancy an evening of up-market entertainment.
2. Shop Till You Drop

Liverpool comes with the slogan ‘shop till you drop’ and although it may sound an impressive claim, it’s not far from the truth.  A notable array of boutique malls, farmers markets and quaint streets makes this a bargain hunter’s dream location.  Stunning modern malls, like Liverpool One, is home to over 160 shops that offer everything you could possible need.
3. Tourist Sites in Liverpool

Plan to visit as many of tourist attractions as you can in Liverpool.  Here’s a list to narrow it down to some of the best places to go:

  • Albert Dock – Built in the late 1800’s this old dock now houses cool bars and pubs
  • Walker Art Gallery – Home to a superb collection of art including works by Degas
  • Tate Liverpool – not quite the London Gallery, but a fabulous attraction anyway
  • Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral – a unique example of Catholic architecture
  • The Beatles Story – a museum dedicated to everything about the Beatles
  • Knowsley Safari Park – a fun day out with the family to visit exotic animals
  • Mendips – John Lennon’s childhood home and open to visitors
  • Merseyside Maritime Museum – discover the history of Liverpool’s seafaring past
  • Williamson Tunnels – a unique collection of underground tunnels and routes
  • Mersey Ferries – follow the ‘Ferry across the Mersey song’ on a trip to Bristol

4. Weather in Liverpool

The weather in Liverpool, much like the rest of the UK can be very changeable.  The summers can be warm and bright, but as with all British weather, tourists should always be prepared for some rain. Don’t forget that Liverpool is on the northwest coastline of the UK, so chilly sea breezes can sometimes turn a pleasant day out into something far more frigid.  On good days though, the beaches nearby are popular meeting points for locals.