Clubs & Cafés in the Heat of Barcelona Nights


“Barcelona is cosmopolitan and has access to the sea. What more could you want from a Mediterranean city?” – Ronald Fraser interview in the Barcelona Metropolitan.

The Spanish are a passionate people. Compared to Americans, the Catalans of Barcelona have some serious nightlife stamina! Clubs there can stay open until six in the morning and might not even really get going until well after midnight.

So after midnight, which clubs are the five best places to go if you want to sweat to the vibe? Here’s the low down.

1. The Magic Club

The city’s club of choice, the Magic Club is the place you should definitely head on over to when you want to escape back to the fun of the 1980s.

The place has two dance floors and is easily large enough to handle up to a thousand people! This is the place to go if you really want to hang out with the natives as well as listen to local DJs.

2. The Macarena Club 

This place has one of the best sound systems in all of downtown Barcelona. Because of the nature of the building itself, club goers are sure to feel the booming beat vibrate through their souls. And, the beat is relentless!

The Macarena Club features house and techno. One of the best aspects here are the international DJs that come to call.


The place is small, only has room for around 300 or so clubbers, is dark, and the music is loud enough to make your ears bleed.

If you really just want to feel the music then this is the place for you.

But be brave!

3. Marula Café

Slightly larger than the Macarena Club, Marula Café can handle around 100 people more. (400). With two bars and a large dance floor, the Marula Café offers something a bit different. Those who enjoy Latin music (and hey, considering you are in a Latin country this kind of makes sense) will appreciate this club for sure.

This isn’t a place for teenyboppers. Attracting a clientele that enjoys a more mature, upbeat and eclectic atmosphere, the Marula Café is located in the old town and one can find both tourists as well as locals dancing here.

4. The Sidecar Club

This place features live music. Actually, every night of the week there is someone different playing. Live bands control the place until midnight when the DJs take over. The energy in the Sidecar Club is what brings the younger crowds in.  That, and the fact that it is relatively small with a capacity of only 300, ensures up close and personal dancing. Dark and sweaty at its finest, these aspects underscore the intimate nature of The Sidecar Club.

Located off Ramblas street, you’ll find many people coming from youth hostels as well as others that simply like the rock and dance music featured here.

5. Harlem Jazz Club

Jazz is rhythm and meaning. -Henri Matisse

Open every night of the week, the Harlem Jazz Club is located in the old town of Barcelona. Here, jazz, funk and soul rule the night.  This place offers live musicians earlier in the evenings, followed later (as in most of Barcelona’s nightclubs) by local DJs.

Much more eclectic, as the name implies, the Harlem Jazz Club is a haven for fans of this genre of music. With low lighting, great drink prices and an atmosphere that suggests an easy smile and a door that’s always open, the Harlem Jazz Club is a perfect locale for a date.