The Top Ten Things to Do in Atlanta


As the capital of Georgia, the city of Atlanta has an enormous population and a host of exciting attractions that make it a perfect place to visit if you are exploring the southeastern United States. Nature fans and culture buffs alike will find much to keep them occupied for at least several days. Read on to discover the top ten fun and edifying things to do while you are in Atlanta.

1) Learn about Martin Luther King Jr.’s youth:

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site is the perfect place to remember the significance of this towering figure in the history of civil rights. You can tour his childhood home, see his former church, and pay tribute to him in his crypt. Meanwhile, the comprehensive visitor center chronicles his life story and his most significant contributions.

2) Visit the Georgia Aquarium:

Although most modern aquariums are worth visiting, the Georgia Aquarium is uniquely appealing due to the fact that it hosts the world’s biggest collection of marine life. With close to seventy different exhibits to explore at any given time, the aquarium offers you the opportunity to examine and learn about everything from the manta ray to the beluga whale. It is also worth noting that the aquarium’s founder has explicitly stated that he and his staff are committed to helping to save endangered species.

3) Take in a show at the Fox Theatre:

The Fox Theatre is an old performing arts venue that was a movie palace when it first opened in the 1920s. Over 300 bands and musicals stop at this beautiful place every year, and in addition to being rich in history the building features a stunning dynamic ceiling with moving stars and rainclouds.


4) Go on a trip to Little Five Points:

Little Five Points is in downtown Atlanta, and it is a top destination for bohemian people and college students. You can try delicious local food, view local art, and see small bands playing a diverse array of different types of music.

5) Explore the World of Coca-Cola:

One of Atlanta’s most famous attractions is the World of Coca-Cola, which colorfully showcases the history and evolution of the company and their popular beverages. Old advertising campaigns and the details of the unique bottling process are revealed during a tour, and visitors can sample more than sixty different Coca-Cola drinks.

6) Relax in Piedmont Park:

This urban park is one of the exciting stops for people who love the outdoors. There are paved paths for walkers, cyclists and skaters, while a lake offers a chance to spend a peaceful afternoon fishing in a uniquely picturesque location. Meanwhile, families with young children typically love the Nouchi Playscape, which is notable for its bright and interestingly shaped sculptures.

7) Appreciate Atlanta’s history at the Atlanta History Center:

You will better understand the significance and nature of the city if you take some time to explore its past. In addition, the Atlanta History Center may be of special note to those who are interested in archaeology, as it contains a huge range of artifacts from the Civil War period.

8) Stop by the High Museum of Art:

This building hosts one of the best collections of 19th  and 20 th  century American art, and it also contains a strikingly varied selection of photography. It is particularly noteworthy for its commitment to both supporting and displaying the works of self-taught artists from the southern states.

9) Tour the world headquarters of CNN

If you love the world of journalism, the CNN tour will offer you an experience like no other. Visitors are allowed to witness the thrill of a live newscast and will have an opportunity to see all the latest technology in actions.

10) Visit Zoo Atlanta:

This zoological park is over 40 acres in size and is home to more than 200 different animal species. It is one of just four zoos in the United States to currently contain several giant pandas, it has a comprehensive petting zoo for younger children, and its Orangutan Learning Tree Project lets you see these fascinating creatures solve puzzles and exhibit remarkably advanced problem-solving skills.