10 Amazing Bakeries in NYC You Must Visit 



2. Dough

For all the huge fans of donuts Dough is the bakery that you must check out. They make only donuts at Dough, but you will be amazed by the wide variety of tastes, textures and colors as soon as you walk in. There are around 40 different falvors that you can try here and they also say that due to their love of experimenting in the kitchen, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see new flavors popping up.

Hibisus, Passion fruit, Dulce de Leche almond or chocolate – you name it, they have it. Get ready for a long line in front of the bakery, but it’s definitely worth the wait. Their donuts are just as they should be – airy, fluffy, delicisous and enormous – and then better than any other you’ve tried.

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