10 Best Spanish Restaurants in the U.S.


If you like experiencing intense flavors and fine dining, Spanish restaurants are the place to go. Spanish food is a great part of the Spanish culture, and it could even be called art. Spain is home to some of the best culinary minds in the world, and some of them have decided to share their art and experience with the U.S. In Spanish restaurants, you will always receive perfect service, and you will enjoy each and every visit. Whether you’re craving some healthy or comfort food, you will not be disappointed with what these restaurants have to offer.


1. BCN Taste & Tradition

BCN Taste & Tradition was the first Spanish restaurant to be opened in Houston, Texas. Offering fine dining experience and foods prepared by an El Bulli-trained Chef Luis Roger who was born in Barcelona, this restaurant hasn’t gone unnoticed. BCN’s (short for Barcelona) interior is designed in such a way that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys the time spent in the restaurant. Whether you want to take your  loved one out for dinner or you want to enjoy some alone time, you will be able to enjoy your time in intimacy and great atmosphere.

Chef Luis Roger prepares amazing Spanish recipes with his twist and there are some dishes that you simply need to order if you visit this restaurant, including boneless grilled pork feet with chickpeas and chorizo fricassee, breaded baby lamb chops with baked vegetables from Majorca, yogurt, mint and lemon. You’ve probably never tried some of the combinations this chef so skillfully puts together, but if you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy something magnificent, you should check out this restaurant’s offer.

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