10 Most Exhilarating Motor Racing Events in North America


Whether you crave the adventure, the wind in your hair and the excitement of having the open road in front of you or you’re just seeking satisfaction through watching other people navigate monstrously powerful motor vehicles, we got you covered.

Check out the craziest, most exciting and exhilarating motor racing events in the North America!


1. Monster Jam

Monster Jam is the most famous monster truck race tour that takes place all around the globe, but mostly in the United States. The shows are held throughout the year and there is also a television show so you don’t have to worry if you can’t be there in person. Monster Jam gathers some of the biggest stars in the sport.

The main focus at the event is the monster truck competition in several categories: racing, freestyle and sometimes donut or wheelie. And while racing is pretty straightforward, the real fun comes from Freestyle competitions.

In the freestyle part of the competition racers are given 90 seconds to basically show off. They can do whatever stunts and tricks they can with their truck, including driving over cars and passing through obstacles. Drivers aim to amaze the judges and the audience with their skills and the power of their truck. And if that’s not exciting enough for you, wait till you see these four-wheeled monsters in the Donut Challenge where the drivers are supposed to spin in circles until they get dizzy or until the truck breaks down. – Sounds pretty fun.

Fans can even meet their idols during the “Pit Party” where the drivers sign autographs and take photos with the lucky members of the audience.

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