10 U.S. Cities to Go to for a Perfect Weekend Getaway


Sometimes we just need a break – from work, from our problems, from reality. Unfortunately, with our busy schedules, it’s difficult to squeeze in a vacation just like that. But there is always the option of a weekend getaway. It’s short but sweet and it’s just what you need to recharge your batteries. And these 10 cities are perfect for such a trip.


1. Providence, Rhode Island

Offering something for everyone, Providence is a perfect choice for a family weekend getaway. This city is the home to excellent restaurants, edgy art and attractions, while interesting events around the city aren’t difficult to come by. Since the city is so compact, chances are everything will be within a walking distance from your hotel.

So you will be able to make the most of your weekend. Take a stroll through the downtown area of Providence, which will in itself take you through history with its amazing architecture. And when you get tired of walking, make sure to taste some of the best American cuisine in the numerous restaurants you will be passing right by. As for the activities you can take part in Providence, Alex and Ani City Center provides lots of fun during the winter months with its enormous ice-skating rink.  And you also shouldn’t miss Waterfire – a series of fire installations on the three rivers that occurs twice a month and is a must-see for visitors.

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