12 Best Burgers to Try in San Francisco


You may think you’ve already tried your best burger ever, but if you haven’t been to San Francisco, that’s highly unlikely. There are some pretty good burgers out there across America, but those in the City by the Bay will blow all others out of the park. Perfect meat tenderness, perfect fluffiness of the bun and dressings to die for, these are the 12 burgers in San Francisco you should all try – even if it means jogging across the Golden Gate afterwards to burn all the calories.


1. Cafe du Nord

A bar with a tradition longer than a century can’t serve bad food – that’s why it has existed so long. But many will swear that it’s the burger at Cafe du Nord that you shouldn’t miss because it is one of the best in the city.

After the restoration in 2015, Cafe du Nord is back and better than ever, with the legendary Viking Room that combines the best of both worlds – old and modern. One of the iconic treats here is the burger which is perfectly divine in taste and goes great with a glass of beer or white wine.

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