15 Cities You Must Visit Before You Die, According to Travelers


Are you an adventurer who likes travelling and visiting new places? Every trip brings new experience, some better and some worse. But there are cities that are absolutely amazing, and deliver a combination of romance, history and art. In this period, it can be really difficult to be amazed, and the places that can bring those feelings are really worth visiting.

Whether you like relaxing or spending an active vacation, you will be pleased if you visit some of the cities that follow throughout the rest of the article. These are the 15 cities you simply must visit in your lifetime; listed randomly (they’re all wonderful and special in their own ways).


1. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is the biggest city in West Flanders, a province in Belgium. If you are a fan of history, you will love this city. It is a classic medieval town which you would normally see in historical movies and fairytales. Each part of this dreamy city is picturesque and gives a sense of being in a different era.

This is one of those cities you just can’t skip on your travelling adventures, as it is a really unique and beautiful place, with all its vivid market squares and artistic towers.Of course, it would be a shame to miss mentioning the churches which are pieces of art. Bruges is the most beautiful in spring and winter, but if you put this town on your travelling bucket list, be prepared to see many, many tourists who also know how wonderful this place is.

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