15 Most Alarmingly Dangerous Countries for Your Vacation (2016)


The majority of people consider travelling as the best way to spend their money and time. Nothing beats that feeling of visiting a foreign country and exploring the culture, the architecture and wildlife or just relaxing at the beach while taking your mind off problems waiting at home. But we’re living in such times when you need to be careful wherever you decide to go.

We often hear about awful experiences from somebody’s vacation with that person being ripped off by the agency or robbed at a train station. But what happens when that negative experience regards more than petty crime? Unfortunately, in the recent years, many tourists from all over the world left their homes never to return again. They were kidnapped or murdered.

The horrible fact is that some countries are more dangerous than others and tourists run significant risks when visiting them.

We have compiled a list of the 15 Most Dangerous Countries for Tourists based on statistics such as the Global Peace Index which gauges global peace using three broad themes – the level of safety and security in society, the extent of domestic and international conflict, and the degree of militarization.


15. Tunisia

Why would you be tempted to visit?

Northern Africa is offering so much at once, and just like Egypt, Tunisia will blow your mind with landscapes you never thought existed outside of books and National Geographic documentaries. In this country, you can satisfy sour inner history nerd as you explore Tunisia’s rich history in ancient cities such as Carthage, you can awaken your spirituality in the Holy City of Kairouan and admire the stunning scenery as you roam through Sahara on a camel. Of course, you can always take a break from sightseeing on one of the beautiful sandy beaches.

Why is it so dangerous?

Unfortunately for Tunisians whose economy heavily relies on tourism, their reputation has deteriorated in the recent years and the number of tourists has significantly decreased. Tunisia’s border with Libya remains problematic and is the site of many conflicts as well as terrorist operations. Since 2013, terrorist attacks have been on the rise and there were two serious attacks this year alone in which 59 tourists have been killed. After the attack on June 26, there was an emergency evacuation of tourists and Tunisia was declared “too dangerous” by the Foreign Office.

First-hand tourist experience

Those lucky enough to have survived the attack at Sousse beach resort that day have terrifying stories to tell. Two women pretended to be dead: “We both at the same time played dead, we just fell to the ground, faces in the sand…You don’t move, because you’re next. You just pray to God.”

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