15 Perfect Hangover Foods Worldwide


People from all over the world may differ in many things, but there’s something that unites us – we all like to party and get a drink or two into our systems to let loose every once in a while. Another thing we all have in common is hangover, unfortunately.

But luckily, this long tradition of partying and rich experience in trying various methods to make us feel better in the morning brought us some pretty efficient hangover cures. Take a look at how people across the globe cure their Sunday morning blues, aka hangover, and take notes – you might need them for next time.


1. Tripe Soup – Turkey and Many Others

This hangover cure is so widespread it’s not only popular in Turkey but in numerous other countries such as Greece, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and others, and each country adds a little something special to make the remedy even more efficient.

So what goes into this miracle-working mixture? Tripe soup’s main ingredient might make you want to puke right at that state of hangover because it’s actually offal, cow’s stomach to be precise. But don’t be fooled by the looks of it, if you want your hangover gone, this does the trick.

Tripe soup is prepared a little differently in each country, but the most common way is by boiling the tripe and adding vinegar and garlic to it. It can be seasoned with many different spices such as paprika, red pepper, onions, parsley, carrots, etc. Interestingly, this food has a long tradition of being used as a hangover remedy in Turkey, starting from the 19th century Ottoman Empire to this day, when it’s an obligatory part of everyone’s New Year’s Eve menu, served right after midnight. Never too early to start your hangover therapy.

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