17 Best Music Festivals You Must Visit in 2016


If you’re young, wild and free, at least at heart, you’re already looking forward to the festival season this year. As some of the best music festivals in the world blew our minds with the atmosphere and lineup last year, it always seems like it can’t get any better.

But as they are announcing the performers for this year, the anticipation grows and we can’t wait to see whether this year will exceed our expectations once again. Here are the 17 music festivals you can’t miss in 2016.


1. Hangout Fest, 20th – 22nd May

Just like its name suggests, Hangout Fest is an event for chilling and meeting interesting people from all over America. This festival is relatively young as it has existed since 2010, but it’s gorgeous setting on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama, incredible lineup and amazing atmosphere quickly turned it into a must-visit event of the year.

Along with sleeping on the beach, getting hitched at the festival and savoring sea food all weekend long, you will be able to hear some of the hottest performers at Hangout this year. Stars such as Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding and The Weeknd are just some of them.

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