7 Best Food & Wine Festivals in the U.S.


Winter is gone, and now it’s time to enjoy the outdoors and start travelling more. And what better way to travel than to visit festivals that have to do with great foods and maybe even better wines. Every foodie knows that travelling to destinations where you can enjoy local foods and drinks is the best way to enjoy free time and spend a vacation, especially if those places are some amazing cities which you wanted to visit anyway. Read through this article to see what are the best U.S. food and wine festival and start planning your trip on time.


1. New York City Wine & Food Festival

This Festival has started its tradition in 2007 as a one-night event. The following year, it was taken to a next level, and now it is one of America’s most successful food festivals. Being a famous food and wine festival, the entry fee doesn’t come cheap, but it is definitely worth saving up, and all the money gathered goes to charity. For this festival, celebrity chefs from all around the world gather in NYC to create the best culinary experience for everyone. There, you can eat the best foods and try some great wines, while also being charitable and helping gather money for those in need.

There are numerous seminars and workshops meant for foodies to learn more about cooking delicious meals. You can actually attend a cake-decorating class with Martha Stewart herself and learn something more about wine tasting with Wine Spectator Magazine. At this festival, foodies can learn how to turn their hobby and passion into a profitable career if they want, or just enjoy the amazing culinary experience. Each year, there is something to look forward to at this fest. It always takes place in Fall, and this year is most definitely going to be a blast, so don’t miss it.

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