7 Reasons Why Americans Should Consider Moving to Europe


The good old U. S. of A. has a lot to offer: unparalleled freedom, a huge range of beautiful natural landscapes, and the great swathes of still undeveloped land that allow the nation to retain that pioneering spirit. However, an increasing number of Americans are starting to see the benefits that the old countries of Europe are enjoying over the other side of the ocean. Here are seven reasons why Americans with itchy feet should consider making their new home in Europe.

1. Cultural Diversity


Europe, of course, is not one nation but a patchwork of countries, all with their own languages and traditions. Start in Berlin and take a drive south-east. With less than 12 hours of driving, you can pass through the German countryside, visit the historic city of Prague in the Czech republic, take a small detour to Vienna in Austria, check out the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, and finally end up in beautiful Budapest. Along the way, you will meet people speaking four different languages, watch the architectural styles gradually change as you pass through the towns and cities, and experience the unique identities of each nation.

Do you want to settle in Italy, land of pizza, pasta, the best olive oil in the world, and people who are known for their passionate and occasionally fiery natures? Or would you rather choose Switzerland, where you will find an intriguing mix of traditional Alpine ways of life and modern technology companies spreading wealth throughout the nation’s cities? Or maybe you’d prefer to venture into Eastern Europe, where nations are undergoing an interesting transition from their Russian-influenced past to an exciting future as part of the West?

If you are looking for a secular, liberal lifestyle, then Scandinavia is a good place to head to, whereas some of the southern countries display more traditional attitudes. Whatever your own attitudes to life, you can find a place where you will fit in within the European family of nations.

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