7 Tips to Make Your Hotel Room More Comfortable


When it comes to hotels, what you pay for is usually what you get. Hotel rooms are often comfortable, but it can never be like sleeping or spending time in your own home. Bringing a lot of things with you when you’re going on a trip is not too convenient. However, there are a few things you can bring with you that will make your stay at any hotel much more comfortable, and there are things you can do in advance that will ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible.

1. Book your room in advance

There are hotels that allow you to chose the room you’re going to stay in over the phone or online. In such cases, you can choose the kind of room you want based on your preferences. For instance, if you wish your room to be quiet and calm, you should choose one that is on one of the higher floors. There is usually much less traffic than on the lower floors. Also, you could choose a room that is as far away from the elevator as possible- as they tend to be very noisy.

2. Bring your own linens

Many people aren’t comfortable sleeping in linens many people have already slept in. Also, the pillow in a hotel is probably not what you’re used to, and if you want your hotel bed to feel like the bed you have at home, you can always bring your own linens and your own pillow. When you have your own linens, it contributes to the sense of home, and your pillow will help you sleep more easily than you would if you slept on some generic pillow you’re not used to. Moreover, the familiar scent of your own sheets and pillow will lead you to feel at home, and you’ll sleep like a baby. Bringing these things won’t occupy much space in your luggage, and you won’t be charged extra for that, but you’ll probably feel much better.

3. Carry some personal items from home


Even the hotel you’re going to stay in offers bathrobes and slippers, it’s always more comfortable to wear your own. These things are easy to carry, and if it would make you feel more comfortable, there is no reason to leave them at home. Also, if you have some things at home that are important to you and make you feel like home (for example, scented candles, special soaps, etc), bring them and don’t conform to the soaps and shampoos the hotel offers. If, on the other hand, you’re more comfortable leaving those things at home and using what the hotel gives you, than do that. Whatever makes you feel good is fine. But if you’re not bringing your personal hygiene items with you, call the hotel before you start your trip to make sure you’ll be provided with everything you need.

4. Bring your own coffee

Even those hotels that don’t allow you to bring in food or drinks (basically everything they can provide can be off limits) understand that we sometimes have specific coffee needs. If you’re used to drinking a particular brand of coffee, feel free to bring it with you and allow yourself to wake up to the familiar scent which makes you eager to get up. Having your favorite coffee with you will make your hotel experience much more comfortable and enjoyable. After you leave the hotel room and go exploring, you’ll probably have coffee elsewhere, but there is nothing like the first morning coffee that you love and are used to.

5. Ask for cable TV

Most hotels rooms have a TV, but not many of them provide cable free of charge. If you’re used to watching a show or you would like to watch a movie, ask the hotel management to provide you with cable TV. You may need to pay a little extra, but it will surely make your stay at the hotel more enjoyable. If you like watching a little TV before falling asleep, having that opportunity at your hotel will enhance your experience.

6. Turn on the air-conditioning

Some hotel rooms offer air-conditioning free of charge, while some will charge you 5-10 extra dollars per day for the use of an air conditioning device. If it’s hot and you’re sweating buckets, don’t hesitate to turn on the cooling. The same goes if it’s too cold in the room- turn on the heating. But if you know in advance that it’s going to be hot during your stay, look for hotels that don’t charge you for this small luxury. If you can’t find such a hotel, and you don’t want to pay extra, you could bring your own small heater (in the winter) and use it free of charge.

7. Unpack

When you arrive at your hotel room, take some time to unpack. Once your things are arranged out of the bags, you will feel much more like at home and you will be able to put your things where you see fit. When your clothes and personal items are in bags, and all you have in your room are the beds, mirrors, empty closets and carpets, you may feel uncomfortable and out of place. Unpacking will take a little time, but it will bring to your comfort and make your stay more pleasurable.