A Foodie’s World Tour: 10 Amazing Destinations to Visit


When you’re a true foodie, culinary experiences on your travels mean much more than just sightseeing or other types of excitements. The world is now overflowing with foodies who don’t regret spending money on travelling to different countries in the world to try the best and most representative foods those countries have to offer. The food of a particular country or city tells you much about its culture and history, so while enjoying some of the world’s best foods, you also learn and grow as a person. If you are not excited about food and you don’t like travelling, this article is not for you. If you are and you do, read on and you’ll find 10 amazing destinations that will satisfy both your curiosity and your taste buds.


1. Istanbul, Turkey

If you’ve never tried Turkish foods, you simply must visit Turkey – especially Istanbul – and try their delicacies. There are several food tours in this city, but possibly the best one is the Grand Bazaar Tour. At the Grand Bazaar you can experience the Turkish culture head-on and meet craftsmen who still nourish the tradition dating back to the Ottoman era. There you will also have the opportunity to see more spices than you’ve ever seen before and bargain with the Turks in order to get the best ones for low prices.

But your culinary trip to Turkey doesn’t stop at this market. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit some Turkish restaurants and try their kebab, borek, the original Turkish baklava as well as many other delicacies. For all foodies with a sweet tooth, Turkey will become their favorite destination as everyone who tried their sweet treats said that they had never tried such great delicacies before. The Turks really have amazing chocolates and sweets, and everyone who has the chance to try them should use it.

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