A Foodie’s World Tour: 10 Amazing Destinations to Visit



2. Barcelona, Spain

Spanish cuisine has been attracting foodies from all around the world for centuries. Although the entire Spain is a place where you can have amazing culinary experiences and meet wonderful people. Barcelona itself is a great city, especially when you consider the abundance of great restaurants, friendly people and beautiful beaches. If you decide to visit this city, don’t forget to go to Can Solé, the most traditional restaurant in this city. It dates back to 1903 and it transformed from fisherman’s tavern to the famous culinary institution it is today. There you can eat some of the best dishes in Barcelona and most of Spain.

When in Barcelona, don’t forget to stop and eat at some other local seafood restaurants, too. In this city, there is always fresh fish and seafood, and it would be a pity not to taste the great flavors master culinary chefs add to it.

Also, many restaurants in Barcelona offer Trinxat, which is a simple but amazingly tasty combination of potato, cabbage and bacon. It resembles a cake, and it is a dish that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’re a true foodie.

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