A Hungry Traveler’s Guide to NYC Street Food


If you find yourself wandering the streets of New York hungry, you shouldn’t despair because there are great options for eating literally wherever you look. New York is truly a heaven when it comes to food because you can find all sorts of cuisines from all over the world in all price ranges, and they are all so close and available. So don’t worry about staying hungry for long, because the only problem you will have is making your mind up about what to eat from such a versatile choice.

It was extremely difficult to pick our top choices, and you should know that these are only the top of the iceberg that is NYC street food.

1. Melt Bakery

If you stumble upon Melt Bakery you absolutely have to try their ice cream sandwiches. The very name makes our mouths water. If you’re not convinced yet, let us tell you what the sandwiches are made of. It’s simple: two cookies and ice cream in the middle, what’s there not to like?

Trust us, the combination is heavenly, and you can even choose between lots of different flavors of cookies and ice cream. So you can opt for something a bit exotic like “Elvis” which is a combo of peanut butter cookies and banana ice cream, “Lovelet” that combines red velvet meltcakes and cream cheese ice cream, or if you don’t like to risk it too much, choose “Classic” with chocolate chip walnut cookies and vanilla ice cream.

2. Korilla BBQ

New York street food is all about experimenting with unusual combinations, so the next thing you should try is the mix of Korean and Mexican embodied in Korilla BBQ. Korilla has its own restaurant and a food truck that changes location, so you can choose what suits you more.

The owners of the restaurant thought of a great idea – to prepare the best Korean food and serve it in the form of burritos. But aside from burritos, you can also order a rice bowl, salad bowl or chilled somen noodles, and the best part is that you customize your own dish, which means that you decide what goes in. There are several options for meat, vegetables, and dressings – you only need to put together your perfect combination and enjoy.


3. Morris

This little company decided to base their menu on a simple formula everyone likes but then to upgrade it with ingredients and preparation techniques that will blow your mind. This simple but genius idea makes Morris one of the best food trucks in New York City. So in case you were wondering what is it that Morris offers, it’s grilled cheese sandwiches, but not just ordinary ones – these are the best you will ever try.

There are several options to choose from. If you want to stick with classic flavors and cheap prices go for “Classic” that combines NY State Cheddar and NH Landaff. But if you’re willing to spend a little more, we warmly recommend the “Habanero Chicken” which is a delicious combination of Blue cheese, chicken chorizo, Habanero hot sauce and pickled celery.

4. Calexico

If you’re a fan of Mexican food, Calexico is the place for you. They have restaurants and food stands all over New York and are difficult to miss. Even though NYC is famous for its food diversity, Mexican wasn’t one of the foods it was famous for.

But Calexico is becoming a serious contender for one of the best food joints in the city. After only one year of existence, they won the award for best street food in the city. What makes Calexico so amazing is that it serves top quality Mexican food for really fair prices. For example, you have a wide range of tacos to choose from and they are all only $4. Quesadillas go from $7 to $9 and burritos for $10.

5. Wafels and Dinges

Wafels and Dinges truck is a legendary food stand in New York, and if you’re in the mood for something sweet, look no further, you have found your perfect spot. If you ever find yourself in New York, this is a treat you have to try. Their wide specter of sweet and savory Belgian delicacies will take you to heaven. Just like their website says: “If there is a heaven, a waffle truck is surely parked outside the gates.”

Also, according to their comic little menu, your first dinge, or topping, is free. And trust us, if it sounds very similar to a drug addiction, it’s because it is – waffles are definitely going to get you hooked. You will want to come back to New York, only to visit Wafels and Dinges again.

6. Asia Dog

There wouldn’t be New York City street food without its trademark treat that you can find at every corner in the Big Apple – we’re talking about hot dogs, of course.

But we chose to present you something a bit different, not that we’re saying that regular hot dogs aren’t delicious. You can already guess by the name what Asia Dog is all about – it’s everyone’s favorite street food plus Asian toppings. As they say, they are celebrating New York’s diversity by experimenting with Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese ingredients. You can find them at a couple of places in the city where you can try one of their eight famous hot dog kinds, or their signature burger that you can customize yourself. You can’t have a full NYC experience without eating an Asia hot dog.