America’s Best Foodie Festivals


From casual to high-end, U.S. has got you covered when it comes to food. And there is not a better way to discover a culture and immerse yourself in the spirit of a city than through trying their delicious food. If you consider yourself a foodie, these are the festivals you can’t miss.

1. Vegas Uncork’d

Starting with a truly high-end experience, Vegas becomes the home of some of the most famous chefs in the world such as Gordon Ramsey, Hubert Keller and Michel Richard and many others. These celebrity chefs prepare some of their signature dishes and you can try them all there together with top-notch wines chosen by expert sommeliers. Not only will you have the unique opportunity to try these famous delicacies, but you will be doing it by the pool at Ceasar’s Palace. It is no wonder that this event has existed for nine years now, it is not just a festival but a true spectacle.

2. Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival

This famous festival also gathers some of the best chefs in the world to prepare food for you but it takes place all over LA. The event lasts three hours, which is quite enough to get a taste of all the food you can eat in some of the best restaurants in town. Along with your food, you can enjoy high-quality wines and music and not only that, if you’re lucky (or if you get a VIP pass) you can even gain the privilege of meeting your favorite chef and watching him or her prepare the food.

3. NYC Wine and Food Festival


New York City is hosting a food festival worthy of the Big Apple. During these four magical days, the city becomes the festival. You can attend various events all across the city. Whether you’re in the mood for a light brunch or an intimate dinner, or you just want to hear some wisdom from a famous chef, you can do it all here. But, what makes this festival even more special is that all of the proceeds go to hunger-focused organizations. So while you’re enjoying your delicious food, you’re also helping those less fortunate than you.

4. Culinaria

In order to promote San Antonio as one of the best food and wine destinations, Culinaria organization was founded. Now, every year in May, San Antonio brings together food lovers from all over the country and celebrates fine taste. If you opt for this festival, you will enjoy five days of numerous activities waiting for you on several corners of the city. There is a little bit of fun for everyone. If you are more of a fine dining and wine tasting type of person, you can do it at the grand tasting event. Or, you can just go low key and try some burgers, beer and great tequila.

5. Seattle’s Street Food Festivals

For those who rather enjoy tons of delicious comfort food than sophisticated small bites at fancy restaurants, this festival is the perfect place to awaken your taste buds. In August, Seattle hosts an event that puts on display the culinary scene of this city, with best local chefs, pop-up cafes and food trucks. This festival resembles a huge picnic as it is located at Lake Union and offers some of the best street food you’ll ever have. The best part – the admission is completely free.

6. Taste of Chicago

Not only is this festival one of the biggest and most significant in America, it is the largest food festival in the world! The proof of quality is the fact that this festival has existed since 1980 and it continues attracting millions of visitors each year. The aim of the festival is to promote the diversity of Chicago’s food scene. The festival is hosted at Grant Park and it offers a unique, relaxed atmosphere. Not only will you enjoy great food and beautiful scenery, some of the most famous musicians will keep you entertained. The festival offers activities for the whole family and it’s totally free, except for the food of course.

7. New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

New Orleans is famous for its fantastic culinary scene and it is all there for you to try during the festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year. New Orleans Wine and Food Experience has existed for 23 years and during that time, it has helped many non-profit organizations in the city. When it comes to the events, the whole city comes alive and it invites you to try top-quality dishes in more than 30 restaurants made by the best local chefs. And if that’s not enough for you, you can join Grand Tasting and try food from over 100 restaurants and 250 wineries.