Newark Airport Cares about Foodies: Here’s Where You Can Eat Delicious Food 


Newark Airport is really making an effort to switch the whole airport experience from the tiresome waiting and hectic running around to enjoying good food and even beautiful art all across the huge airport. If you’re at Newark Airport and you hear that your plane has been delayed, you’ll probably just shrug it off and go have a meal at one of the top-notch venues at the airport. Here are some of the best ones you should definitely try next time you’re there.

1. Flora Café

Famous chef Einat Admony created a menu for Flora Café and it includes her famous Mediterranean specialties such as Moroccan fish, gazpacho, schwarma sandwiches and her popular falafels. The restaurant also serves some healthy options such as hummus, Greek salad and lentil soup. If you’re into exotic Mediterranean food, you should definitely check it out.

2. Casciano Italian Specialties

If you’re in the mood for a quick Italian bite, Casciano Italian Specialties is the place for you. They specialize in sandwiches and have a wide variety of them with different types of meat such as chicken, bacon, ham, roast beef and so on. You may encounter a long line but it goes quickly due to touchscreen self-pay.

3. Cheeburger Cheeburger

Even though Terminal C is the most popular option for dining right now, terminals A and B also have great options to offer. Cheeburger Cheeurger is located at Terminal A and it offers countless options for making your own burger. Choose your own size, type of meet and dressings and “invent your own burger.” It’s no wonder the burgers here have been voted the best burgers in 28 cities.

4. Sandella’s Flatbread Café


Sandella’s guarantee only the freshest and natural ingredients go into their salads, wraps, paninis and quesadillas. And they make their own flatbread without cholesterol. Sandella’s is an excellent option for something quick and tasty, and if you’re watching your calories, you can always go with their tasty salad.

5. Nonna’s Meatball Kitchen

Another famous chef, Amanda Freitag, decided to open a restaurant at Newark Airport. For those who are fans of delicious meatballs, this is the right place to eat at. Along with meatball sandwiches with mushrooms, broccoli and eggplant, you can also opt for delicious Italian soups and snacks if you’re not that hungry.

6. Wanderlust Burger Bar

Award winning chef, Josh Capon, famous for his burgers opened a burger bar at the Newark Airport and turned it into one of the most popular dining spots. The wide variety of burgers you can get here agrees perfectly with an even wider array of beers they offer, so you can bet that your time waiting for the plane won’t be wasted and will be totally delicious.

7. Phillip’s Seafood

Maybe you’re not such a big fan of caloric burgers and sandwiches. Then you will love the options that Phillip’s Seafood offers. You must try their trademark crab dishes and Maryland-style seafood. Aside from plentiful seaside favorites on the menu, you can also enjoy lighter salads and creamy soups. And while you’re there, you can have a glass of wine or beer to shorten your wait.

8. Caps Beer Garden

Chef Dale Talde, another famous chef, opened a bar at the Newark Airport. Caps Beer Garden is an Asian-style bar and a restaurant, and one of the few places in the whole airport that actually serves sushi. So, if you’re a sushi fan, make sure to check it out. Caps Beer Garden is one of the most popular places at the airport, so expect it to be crowded, but once you find a spot you will find it enjoyable and fun.

9. Saison

Another one of the top restaurants at the Newark Airport is the French-bistro style restaurant, Saison. And it is another restaurant opened by a famous chef, this time it’s Alain Ducasse. You can expect the fanciest French specialties on their menu even though you’re at the airport, but prepare to pay a little extra for them. Make sure to try their excellent steak, escargot or roasted bone.

10. Riviera

For a lovely and quiet sit-down near your gate, Riviera is one of the best options. It was opened by a famous chef Alex Guarnaschelli who aimed at bringing some French delicacies to the Newark Airport. Just like at other restaurants here, you will be ordering your food via an iPad on your table and you can expect the prices to be a bit higher, but for an airport restaurant, Riviera offers great value.