Seattle: Restaurants Where You Can Eat the Best Noodles


When the weather outside is depressing, there is nothing like some good food in a pleasant atmosphere. If you like noodles, you will simply enjoy the restaurants on the list below. Seattle is not famous for having numerous Asian restaurants like some other cities do, but there are several great ones where you can eat the best noodles. You’ll probably become a regular in a few of these restaurants.

1. Ba Bar is a Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle where you can eat the best beef pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) in the city, and maybe even state. This restaurant uses Painted Hills beef, and the broth the noodles are cooked in is prepared with patience and attention to quality. If you don’t like beef, chicken pho is also outstanding. Try noodles at this restaurant and you’ll find out what perfection really means.

2. Kedai Makan is a Malaysian restaurant that offers dishes inspired by those found at the food stalls of Penang and KL. This restaurant started as a food vender at local farmers market, and now it is a popular restaurant where many people chose to eat. There are several types of dishes this restaurant offers, but if you like noodles, don’t miss duck noodles. You will enjoy them and remember the taste for a long time.


3. Trove is a casual walk-up noodle bar where you can get fresh and very tasty house-made noodle dishes and see them being made in an open kitchen. The menu is constantly changing, but there are always amazing noodles and great parfait desserts. If you don’t like to always eat the same types of foods, you will enjoy the innovative fusion noodles and the varieties this restaurant always offers.

4. Kukai Ramen & Izakaya is a great restaurant chain that originates from Japan. There you can have tasty ramen for a very low price. At this restaurant, you really get more than you pay for, as besides getting amazing taste, you also get portions that you can share with a friend. If you’re watching your sodium intake, there are also low-sodium versions of noodle dishes. Every noodle lover would enjoy eating at this restaurant.

5. Ding Tai Fung transitioned into this great restaurant from a cooking oil retail shop, and it has specialized in soup dumplings and noodles ever since it was first opened. This restaurant is winning great reviews from customers from all over the world, and it has some of the best noodle dishes in Seattle and the entire state as well. If you are a meat eater, you will enjoy pork chop noodle soup, sliced chicken noodle soup, and house beef (or chicken) noodle soup, but if you’re a vegetarian there are noodle dishes for you too. Vegetarians will love the vegetarian noodle soup and tofu puff & class noodle soup. In whatever mood you are and whatever the weather is like, you will love the noodles in this restaurant.

6. Tsukushinbo is a small and cozy restaurant in Seattle which appears very similar to traditional restaurants in Japan. There are scattered tables where you can have your privacy, and there are those wrapped around sushi bar where, if you sit there, you can talk to the sushi chef and see how he’s preparing the dishes. The noodles are very tasty at this restaurant, and you can get a full meal for only around $10.

7. Hoang Lan is a great restaurant for meat lovers. In one bowl of noodles, you will get different types of high quality pork and beef meat with thick noodles that soak up the tasty and flavorful broth. Whatever you order at Hoang Lan, and there is a variety of dishes to choose from, you won’t be sorry.