The 2016 Travel Bucket List for Foodies


Whether they’re searching for great cooking courses, amazing vineyards to walk across, wines to taste, great farmers’ markets or wanting to find the best local street and restaurant foods, millions of foodies are travelling all around the world looking for amazing food experiences. Some like to explore on their own and are ready to take risks, but others like to hear from other people’s experiences and visit the places that are said to be great. For those of you who want to visit places with amazing food scenes, we have prepared a bucket list for this year – a list of places you simply must visit and foods you must eat if you’re a true foodie looking for authentic and memorable food experiences.


1. Hartwood

This beautiful restaurant located on a jungle road along the Caribbean Sea in Tulum, Mexico is definitely one of the places that should be on your foodie bucket list this year. Besides being powered by solar panels and producing zero percent waste that would be harmful for the environment, this restaurant also produces 100 percent organic compost which helps grow quality organic food.

The chefs cook each meal by open fire and every ingredient is organic and of the highest quality. All the exotic produce they use is harvested from local Mayan farms, while all the fish is hunted within the Caribbean using only sustainable fishing methods that ensure a healthy aquatic life. Hartwood changes the menu every day, and the staff and experienced chefs go searching for the best possible ingredients which combine so well in the process of making the amazing foods you can eat there. Wine and dine at Hartwood and enjoy great foods and the wonderful view of the sea.

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