The Best Cheap Eats in the Bay Area


Eating at high class restaurants is always a great experience, but also an expensive one. That is why we choose such restaurants for special occasions, and we try to eat a bit cheaper whenever it’s possible.

In the Bay Area there are actually many places where you can eat great food for little cash. So, let’s see where you can find great grub that you will want to eat forever!

1. La Taqueria

2889 Mission St, San Francisco

La Taqueria was ranked 1st out of 60 contestants for best burrito and 1st out of 73 for best Mexican food for 2015 in the entire Bay area.

Open from 11AM to 9 PM, this restaurant gives you a great variety of Mexican dishes, almost all under $10. There are numerous choices for meat lovers as well as vegetarians. Some of the best choices you can make in La Taqueria are Carne Asada Taco which costs around $3.75 and the Cabeza Taco for the same price.

Any additions you choose won’t be more expensive than $1.50, but they are mostly much cheaper than that.

2. Cheese Board Pizza

512 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

As pizza is one of the favorite foods of most Americans, it needs to have a place on this list. Cheese Board Pizza, located on Shattuck Avenue is a collective owned by workers who work together in order to achieve pizza greatness and keep the business running.

At dinner time, there is always live music, and you would agree that the atmosphere is amazing. Besides that, the pizza is great and they offer several varieties of it, including vegetarian pizza.

Here you can have a slice for $2.50, buffalo milk soft serve for $3, and you can also come with friends and order a whole pizza for $20 or half a pizza for half the price.


3. Angkor Borei Restaurant

3471 Mission St, San Francisco

This restaurant isn’t too fancy and elegant on the inside, but the food is great.

Among the choices this restaurant has to offer there are grilled beef balls stuffed with chestnuts and served along with pickled vegetables. There are actually numerous delicious dishes you can have and not see your wallet emptied out.

This restaurant commonly serves Cambodian dishes among which Prahok can be said to be the best one which definitely needs to be tried at some point. This dish consists of stewed pork and raw vegetables. The dish may not sound too appealing, but it is succulent and delicious.

Everything on the menu is below or around $10, and for such a low price you will get a good portion of great food.

4. Curry Up Now

659 Valencia St, San Francisco

This is a great place for foodies. Curry Up Now has evolved from a series of food trucks to a great restaurant with a casual atmosphere, offering amazing Indian food. There are options for meat lovers, vegans, as well as for those watching their gluten intake.

Reviewers suggest trying the eight-item Thali Platter if you want to experience an explosion of flavors, or a burrito with pork belly in a whole wheat tortilla and with brown rice, chickpeas and traditional Indian spices.

When you’re done eating the salty spicy food, you’ll be happy to know that there are many amazing desserts in offer, and for an affordable price. Everything on the menu is from $3 to $8.50 except the 8 item Thali Platter which costs $12.50 but is enough for 3-4 people to fill up their bellies.

5. Limon Peruvian Rotisserie

1001 South Van Ness Ave, San Francisco

524 Valencia St, San Francisco

5800 3rd St, San Francisco

This restaurant is a cheaper variant of high class restaurants. Its food is great and the prices are not so bad themselves.

Limon Peruvian Rotisserie is best known for its roasted chicken, crispy and salty on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside. Half a chicken costs less than $10, and you can eat it by yourself if you’re extremely hungry or share it with a friend – although it’s so tasty that you won’t want to share it with others.

Several dishes in this restaurant are marinated in lime juice. There are also plenty of comfort foods you’ll simply enjoy, but don’t go to this restaurant if you’re on a low-carb diet, as you won’t be able to resist all the delicious starchy dishes this restaurant has to offer.

Almost all the dishes on the menu are below $13, and the portions are large enough so you can share them with a friend and split the cost.