The Best Eats and Drinks in Boston 


When it comes to food and drinks, Boston has an impressively long tradition. Many restaurants are still standing strong even after centuries of existence which really tells a lot about their quality. But what’s truly great about Boston is that every place has its history and tells a charming tale. And each bar, pub and restaurant has something unique to offer – from traditional Scottish and Irish pubs with some of the best beers you’ll ever try, to more modern Italian and Mexican restaurants that are not afraid to experiment.

Bottom line is – you definitely won’t leave this lovely city hungry or thirsty.

1. Cheers

This is probably the most famous bar in Boston, known across the planet. The same-named TV show took place at this legendary bar and made it even more legendary. Now, it is attracting tourists from all over the world who are curious to see this place for themselves. But Cheers has an awesome tradition and had existed long before the show was made. It was opened in 1895! Cheers offers a wide variety of beers and cocktails as well as classic pub delicacies such as onion rings, Buffalo wings and Pub skins. Everybody may not know your name, but you are bound to enjoy your time at Cheers.

2. The Union Oyster House

If you’re ever in Boston, you absolutely can’t miss The Union Oyster House that was opened in 1826 which makes it the oldest still running restaurant in America. No big deal. As you walk into the bar, you can almost feel all the history that went through the walls during almost two centuries of its existence. There is a reason why this iconic bar has existed for so long – nobody prepares seafood in Boston quite like they do. So, whether you choose a shrimp cocktail at the bar, or dig into their trademark oysters (hence the name), you can’t go wrong at The Union Oyster House.


3. W. Food

Even though it is one of the newer Boston restaurants, it should by no means be underestimated. It is run by a married couple, chef Tim and Bronwyn Wiechmann who clearly know their way around the business. Tim Wiechmann has learned the trade from some of the best French chefs in Paris and aims to show these influences in his dishes. Their menu specializes in French, Italian and New American food and you may get lost in their vast array of choices. Luckily, you can try a bit of everything in their special tasting menu. Don’t forget to leave some space for their absolutely exquisite desserts.

4. The Haven

For a typical pub experience, head over to The Haven, a Scottish pub with an amazing selection of beer and surprisingly delicious food. Even if you’re not such a big fan of Scottish food, because it sure can be specific, you won’t make a mistake ordering something from their menu. They have a special lunch menu and dinner menu, as well as a late night menu with tons of comfort food for when you get the munchies after midnight. The Haven is the perfect place for friendly gatherings, especially if you’re into sports because you can watch important rugby and soccer games in a genuine pub atmosphere.

5. The Green Dragon Tavern

Or the “Headquarters of Revolution”, as they like to call themselves, has existed since 1654. However, the original building has been demolished and the present Green Dragon Tavern is not at its original location but it was built on the same idea and tradition. At the Green Dragon Tavern, they are proud to be a part of the vibrant Boston history, but they mix it up with modern times in order to make the perfect eatery and pub. And while the menu is rich with fresh seafood, food is not the only thing this tavern is known for. At night, it becomes the meeting place of young college students which makes it “a delicate blend of rich history and vibrant youthfulness,” as they say.

6. Strip-T’s

And finally, if you’re craving for something simple but mouth-watering, stop by the relatively new restaurant with an interesting name and an interesting menu – Strip-T’s. The visitors describe it as “funky” and “quirky”, in a good way of course, but they all agree that the food there is to die for. It doesn’t matter if you’re a burger person or more of a fan of exotic dishes such as katsudon and donburi, you will be swept off your feet, guaranteed. The atmosphere is casual and the service is friendly and quick. Strip T’s is definitely a must-visit at least once during your stay in Boston.