The Best Food Experiences Portland Has to Offer 


When it comes to Portland’s food scene, it never disappoints. Over the years, Portland has managed to earn the status of “Food Capital of America” and it’s right there among the greats when it comes to the best restaurants in the country. It is home to many legendary dishes you can try only in Portland.

Since Portland is proud to call itself a bit strange, you can expect that strangeness in its fabulous eateries and in the food itself. So let’s check out some of the best places Portland offers to its hungry guests.

1. Pip’s Original Doughnuts

This one is for all the donut lovers out there. And let’s face it, who isn’t? The idea is simple – prepare and serve the best mini donuts and chai. You can imagine that all the visitors walk out of this tiny restaurant with a smile on their faces and they all have only positive comments.

The donuts, which have been dubbed “mini bites of heaven” by many, are made right there in front of you, so you get them fresh and warm. We suggest you don’t wait for them to get cold and dig in right away.

2. Petite Provence

This little French restaurant and bakery is so popular that you might have to wait for quite some time to get a table, but it will be worth the wait. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they know and respect this at Petite Provence so their breakfast pastries are heavenly.

You can choose to get a freshly baked croissant to go or sit at their bistro and have a nice meal. Petite Provence is everyone’s all-time favorite when it comes to breakfast and brunch, and their coffee is one of the best in town.

3.  Jack

For more of a high-class French experience, visit St. Jack, an American take on traditional rustic cafes you can see in Lyon, France. This restaurant is a bit pricier but it sure is worth it because the food is out of this world.


The menu reflects French cuisine perfectly and the vast specter of amazing dishes may leave you dizzy. You should know, however, that you won’t make a mistake whatever you order. And do not even think about leaving without trying their original French wines. St. Jack is perfect for celebrating special occasions with loved ones.

4. Olympia Provisions

If you’re a fan of meat, and lots of it on your plate, Olympia Provisions is the restaurant for you.

It specializes in charcuterie and the owners are proud of handcrafting everything naturally with the ultimate goal of quality. You can even buy their products and enjoy them at home. But at the restaurant, you have that extra perk of trying their phenomenal meat prepared by top chefs. The restaurant itself is very spacious and bright with a fantastic atmosphere and excellent service.

5. Biwa

Portland may specialize in French restaurants but it’s not true that there aren’t exotic places as well. This Japanese Izakaya (i.e. informal Japanese drinking bar that serves food to accompany the drinks) is one of them.

So what can you expect from Biwa? Only the best and most popular dishes and drinks from Japan and at almost any hour of the night. So whether you’re interested in trying traditional sake or shochu, you should consider combining them with a wide range of Japanese delicacies such as ramen, noodles, kimchi, sashimi and many others. If you stumble upon it late at night, make sure to order their trademark burger which is only served then.

6. Nuvrei

This little bakery turns pastry into art which you will notice as soon as you step inside and see their delicacies on display. Considering there are only 15 seats inside, you might have to wait but it’s totally worth it for the best pastry you will ever try.

What makes Nuvrei so exquisite is the combination of original French recipes, high-quality ingredients and carefully handmade products. We are warning you, you may get lost while trying to choose between their gorgeous-looking croissants, cookies, pastries and sandwiches, but if there is one thing you mustn’t miss, it’s their Parisian macaroons.

7. Le Pigeon

Le Pigeon is probably the most famous and most popular restaurant in Portland and our list couldn’t go without it.

Everything that a restaurant should have, Le Pigeon has – great food, friendly staff and lovely atmosphere, and all of this makes its guests faithfully come back to it. This restaurant offers some of the best French specialties in Portland, such as Beef Cheek Bourguignon and Glazed Beef Short Rib, to name only a few. The whole experience of dining in Le Pigeon deserves five stars and it has been described as “wonderful” and “fantastic”.

Definitely a MUST-VISIT when you’re in Portland.