Unmissable Eats in London


Among all the possibilities that London offers, its versatile food is something you surely don’t want to miss. London is the European capital of diversity with so many nations living and working here and this definitely influenced its cuisine which is full of ingredients from all over the world.

London is one of those cities that can offer you just about anything you want to eat – whether it’s Italian, Indian, Chinese or good old traditional British, there is something for everyone’s taste. With all the options, it may get a little chaotic when it comes to choosing the right place for your lunch, but let us help you by suggesting some of the most irresistible restaurants in this wonderful city.

1. Pure Cyprus Kebabs

4 Goodwin St, London N4 3HQ

If you’re a fan of Greek/Cypriot food as we are, you are going to love this place. But let there be no confusion, this is no cheap, fast food shop where you grab a bite to eat when you’re having a twenty minute break from sightseeing. This is high end Cypriot dining which provides some of the most authentic Mediterranean food you will ever encounter. Along with the traditional food comes excellent service and all this for a mid-range price. Don’t be surprised if you end up eating there every day of your stay. Definitely a must-visit!

2. Dishoom

“From Bombay with love”, Dishoom is one of those restaurants that is hard to get into, but once you do, you never want to get out. For Indian food lovers, Dishoom is a paradise. This restaurant will charm you from the moment you step inside with its beautiful and sophisticated interior. But the food is what really makes it special. Expect nothing but perfectly cooked and perfectly portioned plates of pure Indian delicacies. The staff is extremely helpful and professional and the prices are ridiculously low for such an amazing experience. And it’s available at 4 locations across London.


3. Tortellini Cup

255 Finchley Road

If you’re looking for something quick and incredibly tasty, Tortellini Cup should be your next stop. Don’t expect a high-class dining atmosphere, only expect the best of Italian cuisine that you have ever tried. There is a reason why Tortellini Cup is one of the most popular eateries in entire London – it boasts of exclusively fresh ingredients and traditional recipes to bring Italian and Mediterranean cuisine closer to you. Whether you order delicious tortellini or sweet vanilla balls, you will feel like you were teleported to Italy.

4. CASK Pub and Kitchen

6 Charlwood Street, Pimlico, London, SW1V 2EE

CASK Pub and Kitchen combines the best of beer and food which easily puts it among the top pubs in London. If you’re tired of the regular selection of beer that you can get everywhere else, this pub and restaurant takes beer and ale to a whole nother level. The kitchen offers the famous Forty Burgers which you should try at least once in your life. The atmosphere is buzzing and the staff will be more than happy to help you with your choice of beer. You don’t want to miss this place, especially if you’re in London with a group of friends.

5. Rock Star Sushi Bar

Watermill Way, London SW19 2RD

The best that Japanese food brings, Rock Star Sushi Bar has. In case you don’t mind spending a bit more for a perfect sushi, definitely make sure to check this restaurant out. Rock Star Sushi Bar aims at providing high-quality Japanese sushi but not only that. Eating at this restaurant is an extraordinary experience because both the décor of the restaurant and the presentation of food will blow you away. The chef at Rock Star Sushi Bar turns sushi into an art as every plate is a little masterpiece full of colors, flavors and textures.

6. The Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe

21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT

Just before you catch a show at the Globe Theater, stop by The Swan and enjoy a meal at one of the most famous London restaurants as you gaze upon the River Thames. They have a special Theater Menu which is available before and after every play at the theater and this is extremely popular so make sure you book a table. You can try high-class British food at reasonable prices and relax in the pleasant and cozy atmosphere. If you’re not a fan of theater, check out the Afternoon Tea menu with numerous sweet and savory treats.

7. Gastronhome

59 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5QN

Being the priciest restaurant on our list, Gastronhome is not for everyone. But those who can afford fine dining definitely should treat themselves to a dinner at one of the best French restaurants – if not the best one – in London. The words visitors use to describe food at Gastronhome are “outstanding”, “unbelievable” and “wonderful” but we want to add one more – SUPERB. Gastronhome offers French cuisine like you’ve never had before and we promise you that every last penny you leave at this restaurant is going to be worth it.