USA’s Food Capital Is?


Many cities in the U.S. have some amazing food and are heaven for foodies, but among all those cities – how to pick the best one?

New York has long been proclaimed as the city where you can satisfy all your cravings and the place where foodies went to get their satisfaction when it comes to food. However, it seems that Los Angeles can compete, and even surpass the reputation New York is fighting to maintain.

This may come as a surprise, but recently Los Angeles has started a food revolution and now it possibly has the most amazing chefs and the best produce and spices you can find.

L.A. has been setting food trends for the past 5 years. Some of the best food trucks in the USA can be found in this city – and some of the first ones as well. These trucks have been a part of this city since the 1930s, and now they serve amazing food for prices that are a bargain. There are many great professional chefs working at these food trucks, so even if you buy your food on the street it will be of the best quality and made with ingredients bought first hand from the farmer’s market.

Father’s Office, the famous delicious burger made from only fresh grass-fed beef, was invented here and it has become the classic L.A. burger. There isn’t a foodie who wouldn’t order this great burger again and again. If you like fresh squeezed juices, try cold-pressed ones at Shred Juice. These juices are made from fresh fruits and vegetables only bought every week and pressed every morning. You can have orange, strawberry or any sort of mixture your heart (or should we say taste buds?) desire.


L.A. has some of the best Korean restaurants in the U.S. There are more than ten of them, and each serves original, traditional and innovative Korean food prepared with much care and attention to give you the sense of heaven while you’re eating. If you’re looking for something extra special, you should go to Park’s BBQ, which may be the most expensive Korean restaurant in this city, but the food is the best you’ll try, from delicious Kobe beef to leg pancakes.

This city has become tired of all the conventions and started experimenting, thus giving us choices we’ve never tasted or seen before. This is the place where chefs are not afraid to be original and deliver something you’d not expect in a dish, but when you try the combination you can’t help but be amazed. In L.A. you don’t have to wait for dinnertime in order to have an amazing meal and enjoy spending time with your friends.

This city has become famous for brunch and brunch masters. There is a combination of an artisan market and a brunch paradise that many celebrities gladly visit, located in a farmhouse and called Farmshop. There, you can choose from a variety of egg dishes, French toast plates, and all the other foods skillfully prepared in-house. Everything offered to you is homegrown/ homemade (except for some imported spices) and each food is amazingly tasty. Of course, the ambient is also amazing and you can spend as much time as you want there, talking to people, relaxing and eating.

The best Mexican food you’ll ever try (except the one eaten in Mexico) is made in Los Angeles. In fact, some would argue that the Mexican food in this city is better than anywhere else in the world, and not just the U.S. Among the best Mexican restaurants that offer amazing food waiting for you to indulge in, there is La Casita Mexicana. This small restaurant is owned and run by a family who uses only the original ingredients that are a part of Mexican dishes and only the produce of the best possible quality. If you like Mexican food, this is the place to go to.

Finally, you’re probably familiar with the fact that the best produce in the USA comes from California. The restaurants in this city take their meat and vegetables straight from the farms, meaning that every dish is made from the best and freshest ingredients. Even the most common sandwiches are made with so much care and such good produce that it feels like eating the classiest and most delicious foods. This city’s secret lies in simplicity.

Although there are many cities with amazing foods in America, cities which offer quality, quantity and taste combined into one, Los Angeles is the winner when it comes to being the best city for foodies.

Without a doubt, L.A. is USA’s food capital, at least until another city ups its game and reaches the LA’s level of quality and diversity.