You Simply Must Try These Foods When in Amsterdam 


Amsterdam is an exciting traveling destination for many reasons – its beautiful canals, the colorful bicycles, the vibrant nightlife, the rich culture.

But this city is not actually famous for its food, which is a shame because Amsterdam has plenty to offer to foodies. Dutch cuisine is versatile and delicious and there are some foods you just have to try while you’re in Amsterdam.


1. Herring

Eating a whole, almost raw herring on the street of Amsterdam? The idea probably doesn’t sound too appealing at first, but we assure you that this delicacy is something you absolutely must try.

The herring is slightly brined and served with pickles and onions but you don’t actually have to eat it whole, the most common way of eating it is with toothpicks. The fish is rich in flavor and amazingly tasty all year round so don’t worry about picking the right season. There are herring stands at every corner in Amsterdam, so make sure to stop by and try this unusual street snack.

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