7 Genius and Legit Ways to Get Paid to Travel


Most people dream of travelling the world, but many are held back because they think that travelling often entails high expenses. Travelling, however, if done right does not have to cost a fortune, and in some cases you can even make money while travelling. While you are unlikely to make huge sums of cash during your adventures, there are plenty of ways to cover all of your expenses and still have some money left over while you’re on the road. Below is a list of the seven best ways to make money while travelling.


1. Teach English

Teaching English has long been a reliable source of income for long-term travellers. The appetite for learning the world’s de facto lingua franca is seemingly endless. The amount of money you can make varies enormously depending on where you choose to teach and what your previous qualifications are.

In almost all cases, some sort of teaching certificate, such as TOEFL, will go a long way to getting you into a higher pay bracket while abroad, but even if you have no teaching experience there is still plenty of lucrative work available. East Asia has long been a favorite destination for English teachers, and many of these countries tend to pay very attractive sums. Generally speaking, you will need at least a college degree to get work here, although some countries are a bit more flexible with this requirement and may just be content so long as English is your first language.

Countries like South Korea and Taiwan, in particular, offer generous salaries and require minimum qualifications. The Middle East tends to pay the highest salaries, although the qualification requirements are also much higher and many teachers end up having a hard time adjusting to the cultural differences. Latin America, meanwhile, tends not to pay very high salaries, but the requirements are much lower and teaching here can be a good source of at least supplemental income.

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