8 Ways to Make Business Travel Fun Again


Business travel too often turns into a repetitive cycle of flights, hotels, conferences, and meetings that does little to inspire and excite. However, business travel should be seen as an opportunity. After all, there are not many people who can travel all over the world and get paid for it.

Here are some ways to put the fun back into business travel so that next time you have to travel for business you can enjoy yourself at the same time.

1. Stock Up on Apps

Not many business travelers would dare leave home without a smartphone these days, so make use of yours by downloading some of the latest apps to make your travels more enjoyable.

You can find apps to help you get more out of your surroundings, apps that can assist you with finding the best local restaurants, apps that highlight local attractions that you might have missed, and other apps which simply provide you with fun ways to pass the time.

You can carry them all with you on your smartphone, so stop thinking of your smartphone as just a work tool and get some fun out of it as well.

2. Research Your Destination

Before you arrive in your new destination, make sure you spend some time researching it. Find out about the local customs, the cuisine, and the top attractions that you should make the time to see.

Then you can create an itinerary so that when you arrive you know exactly what you want to see. You can then plan this into your schedule so that when you are not working you have other things to do to keep you busy.


3. Act Like a Local

Rather than spending all of your time in private cabs and locked away in hotel rooms, try to get out and about in your new destination. Use public transport, eat in local restaurants, stroll around in local parks, and you will learn far more about your new destination this way.

4. Go For an Early-Morning Jog

It is important to keep in shape, but if you are in meetings all day then it can be hard to find the time. Try to get up early and go for a morning jog. Not only will this help you to keep in shape, but you will also be able to see your new surroundings at one of the most interesting times of the day when the world is waking up.

5. Do Something Different

Travel, even business travel, is an opportunity to try out different things. Try to use your business trip as a cultural experience by trying out different foods, going exploring, and trying new activities. That way when you return home you will know that it has been a valuable experience.

6. Avoid the Business Hotels

There are usually a number of hotels in any city which are frequented by business travelers. Instead of being surrounded by other business people, try to find a hotel which is frequented by other types of travelers such as families, backpackers, and couples. You may meet some interesting people with different stories to tell.

7. Learn the Language

New places are always more fun if you can speak the local lingo. Even just learning a few new words before you travel can help to make all the difference. Then you can not only show off to your hosts, but you can also talk to the locals and learn more about the country.

8. Take Your Partner

Sometimes traveling alone is just no fun. If you get the opportunity, try to turn a business trip into an opportunity to get away with your partner or even the whole family and you could turn it into a mini vacation.

Make Business Travel Fun Again

If you are planning a business trip in the near future then remember that business travel really can be fun. So use some of these tips as inspiration and bring some fun back to your business trips abroad.