Can’t Afford a Vacation?  Travel with a Group!


Planning for the perfect vacation can be stressful and affording one can be even more difficult.  If you’re crunching numbers and trying to figure out how to make a relaxing getaway happen for you and your family, inviting others to come along and share your adventure can be a great idea.  By traveling with a group the more costly expenses can be split.  This can give you more time on your vacation while taking away monetary stress.  Besides, by having friends and family join you can also make your vacation a lot more fun!

When deciding to travel with a group, take in mind to invite friends or family who you truly get along with and like.  Bringing Aunt Flo along to help contribute and knowing that she’ll complain about everything the entire time can ruin a vacation.  Instead, invite those who you can bear to be with on a long car ride or in a vacation home.

Planning a year ahead is a great idea because it gives everyone enough time to budget and manage the time off from their busy lives.  If you have children, think of inviting other families.  This way, instead of your child asking every five minutes if you’re there yet, they will be happily playing with the other kids.


Two of the biggest expenses that your group can split is gas and lodging.  Road trips are usually the most cost efficient way to travel when with a group unless you can score a big discount on an airlines.  The ideal lodging when with a group is renting a vacation home.  There are many of these listed for rent in resort areas and some private owners may have their own home listed.

If the cost of renting a home per week is 1500.00 and you have five adults with you, that cost could be split making your weekly rent 300.00 apiece.  Now that’s a bargain.  If you have a family of four, but a seven passenger minivan, invite a few friends to ride with you.  This way your gas expense can be cut in half and they can help with the driving.

When a group is established, be open to your destination.  If you really want to explore the Smoky Mountains, but two other members want to dip their toes in the sands of Myrtle Beach take into consideration that majority rules.  If you’ve never been to Myrtle Beach you may come to find that it was well worth the trip to visit.  You can always take a day trip away from everyone and see what you want to see.  The others in the group will probably want to do the same thing.

Another great thing about traveling in a group is the camaraderie.  Fishing trips can be planned with just the guys while the girls can browse the antique stores.  One person can choose to cook one day while another grills the next.  At night, groups can get together playing games, talking, and making memories.  Wherever you go and whatever you do make sure that others in your group are knowledgeable of all plans.  This way no one feels slighted or left out and everyone can plan accordingly.

Traveling with a group can be a fun, memorable experience.  It’s a great way to have a vacation on the cheap with the fellowship of family and friends.  Who knows where the road will take you.