Hide Out in the Wilderness: 7 Secluded Locations to Get Away from the Daily Grind


While your initial impetus for jetting into the wilderness might be to get away from it all, you’ll actually find that spending time in the wilderness has rejuvenating qualities. You’ll find you will be better able to tackle that daily grind much better once you return to your urban jungle. Getting away into the wilderness can enhance your balance and give you the recharge you need to get back into the swing of life!

1. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia, Canada

This pristine setting is known for its air of enchantment with its lush rainforest and spectacular views of the sea. The park boasts three distinct regions: Long Beach, the Broken Islands, and the West Coast Trail. You can definitely leave the outer world behind you as you explore these areas and their hidden wonders. Keep a look out for Tsusiat Falls as you travel the West Coast Trail; it’s a great place to camp!

2. La Mauricie National Park, Quebec, Canada

Trade your train or bus ticket for a canoeing or kayaking experience on one of this park’s more than 150 lakes. Situated in the picturesque Laurentian Mountains, the beauty of the park, its trails and glittering waters, is therapeutic and will almost certainly help you leave the stresses of the outer world behind you. The region is a great area for camping, just watch out for black bears!

3. Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

If you really want to get lost from the world, slip into Canada’s largest national park for some leisure time amidst mountains and lakes. Jasper’s picturesque beauty is famous throughout the world. Explore areas brimming with waterfalls or catch a glimpse of wildlife like grizzlies and gray wolves. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park is a must-see that will dazzle you with all of its scenic attractions.


4. Redwood National and State Parks, California, U.S.

Your cares will be dwarfed as you enter the forests of these giant trees that carry time on their branches majestically from year to year. From the coastline area to the interior forests, you’ll find that exploring the flora is refreshing. Hike the trails and discover the beauty of all the understory plants too. Some of the trails allow for mountain biking and horseback riding so be sure to plan accordingly to make the most of your trip to the wilderness.

5. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, U.S.

The historic lands of Shenandoah never disappoint with their characteristic splendor. Prepare to lose your breath at the sight of the waterfalls on the Shenandoah River. The trails are arranged to provide hikers with the most riveting views of the river and falls. Moreover, the park is also crossed by the Appalachian Trail. This has long been regarded as one of the most scenic regions of the Eastern U.S.

6. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, U.S.

From subalpine forests to breathtaking riparian lakes, this destination is hypnotic in its beauty. Stunning vistas of the towering mountains complement the rolling valleys that were carved by ancient glaciers. Located northwest of Boulder, this park is easy to access; yet once you’re there, you may never wish to leave! Be sure to check out popular sites like Long’s Peak and Bear Lake.

7. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, U.S.

You may think this park needs no introduction, but few may know that it affords many hidden and little-known spots to hike to. For instance, Lake Havasu Falls require a bit of hiking, but the crystal blue of the falls and their enchanted pool makes it worth it. While the South Rim tends to get more tourists, the North Rim is a perfect place to head for greater solitude. If you’re looking to ramp up the experience, take a raft trip on the Colorado into the Canyon to experience its grandeur from the river’s point of view!

8. Tecate, Mexico

The mountain town of Tecate is just over the border, but its mountain location makes it seem so much further away. The outskirts of Tecate are famous for their trails and spas. Whether your taste leans toward the rustic pleasures of camping or the luxurious treatments of a spa resort, you’ll find there are plenty of activities outside of Tecate to enjoy from horseback riding to mountain biking. If you have time, take a ride to the Valle de Guadalupe, a Baja California region which produces some of the best wines in North America.

These wilderness locations will ground you and enhance your spirit as you gaze in wonder at their myriad of attractions. They are truly the antidote to the daily grind!