Lonely Planet Guides – Designed for the Independent Traveler 


lThere are many guide books and travel volumes on the market, but few have as solid a reputation as the Lonely Planet guides. This popular line of travel guides is designed for the independent traveler, and their guide books cover virtually every corner of the globe. From short excursions close to home to round the world trips and vacations in exotic locales, Lonely Planet has it covered.

One of the things that sets the Lonely Planet line of guide books apart from the competition is its emphasis on local culture. That emphasis encourages travelers to dig a little deeper and discover a little more about each place they visit. After all, travel is about discovering the beauty of other cultures and seeing the world through a new set of eyes. The Lonely Planet line of guide books does a great job of encouraging tourists to become true travelers.

Lonely Planet guides do not sacrifice completeness or practicality in their quest for cultural awareness. Each Lonely Planet guide book comes complete with maps and fold-out guides, including a number of walking tours and special excursions. These walking tours can be a great way to get to know a new city, and the Lonely Planet guides include maps that are easy to follow and very complete.


The typical Lonely Planet guide book includes all the details travelers need to see the major sites in each city covered by the volume. These important details include hours of operation, admission charges and detailed directions to the site. These directions typically include detailed instructions on how to reach each tourist destination via public transportation, since that is the preferred mode of transportation for many Lonely Planet travelers.

Lonely Planet guides often delve more deeply into those famous tourist attractions, providing not just the practical details but a history of each site and a bit on what makes it so special. This attention to detail is one of the things that sets the Lonely Planet guide books apart and makes them so special.

Another thing that makes the Lonely Planet line of guide books so special is that they include lesser-known attractions many visitors miss. These lesser-known attractions can be the hidden gems that transform an ordinary trip into something more, and many travelers rely on Lonely Planet to provide the details they need.

Lonely Planet guide books are available in a wide variety of topics, from books that list the overall best travel bargains for the coming year to guides that provide an in-depth look at a city, a country or a part of the world. Travelers can find country-specific guides to virtually every nation on the planet, and city-specific guides to every major tourist destination.

Whether you are planning a trip to an exotic destination or staying closer to home, it pays to check out the guide books the Lonely Planet has created. Chances are you will find a Lonely Planet guide suitable for your trip, complete with detailed maps, up-to-date information about your destination and information on a number of must-see venues most other guide books overlook.

For many years the Lonely Planet line of guide books and travel guides have been the favorite traveling companions of independent travelers. If you love the fun and excitement of traveling on your own and discovering new places, why not pick up one of these guide books and start planning your trip today?