10 Countries That Love American Tourists


Are you planning a trip in the near future? Are you wondering where you’ll be welcomed? There are several countries that seem to dislike American tourists, while others simply love having them in their country. If you want your trip to be pleasant, you should find out which countries love American tourists and which don’t for a simple reason – you want to be able to get around the cities you visit without experiencing problems or unpleasant things with the locals, and in the process maybe even make some friends. Isn’t that one of the points of travelling – to get to know another culture and its people?

Here are some of the countries that love American tourists.

1. Greece

Greeks are a very friendly people and they love tourists wherever they come from. They tend to get very personal with the people they’ve just met, so don’t be surprised if one hugs you in the street. Among other tourists, the Greeks simply love having Americans around. Firstly, because Americans greatly contribute to their economy; and secondly, because of their temperament and friendliness.

2. Italy

As Greeks, Italians also tend to be friendly to everyone. They are so friendly and open to other people that it doesn’t usually take them more than half an hour to become great friends with them. They like talking to people more than anything, and they are open to strangers. However, they don’t invite you into their family unless they really trust you and care for you. So, if an Italian invites you to their home to have dinner with their family, be sure that you’re already considered a part of it.

3. Belgium

Many cheerful people fit into this small country. As an American, you will be more than welcome in this country where almost every person loves telling jokes. These two nations get along just fine, and it’s probably due to the fact that they have similar mindsets.


4. Hungary

Hungary is one of the friendliest countries towards Americans. The Hungarians love lively conversations, good food and meeting equally friendly folk. They do, however, care very much about punctuality, so if you’re meeting a Hungarian person, make sure you’re not late, as you may create a negative atmosphere in that case.

5. Czech Republic

The Czech locals are one genuinely friendly and positive people. If you’re up for great nights out, some amazing beer and fun parties with friendly people, go to the Czech republic and soak up the spirit of this beautiful country.

6. Japan

Although not many Japanese people speak fluent English, they are very welcoming towards American tourists and they are always more than willing to help you get around. They will try to give you directions even if it takes extra effort for them to do so. They also love selfies, especially when tourists are involved, so don’t be surprised if you go to Japan and some random locals ask you if they can take a picture with you.

7. Peru

Peruvians are known as one of the friendliest people on the planet. There aren’t many tourists in the world who have visited Peru and can say that they weren’t treated nicely by the locals. They are more than willing to give you directions, tell you where you can eat the best food and help you with anything you need. Wherever you go in Peru, you’ll be welcomed with a smile and nicely greeted. The level of friendliness in this country may come as a surprise to you, and it may even be too much, but you’ll quickly start loving it.

8. Portugal

Although English is not their mother tongue, almost all Portuguese speak English fluently. Wherever you go, people will understand what you’re saying and they’ll be happy to answer your questions. The Portuguese are very friendly towards Americans, which means that you’ll encounter no problems with the locals once you get there.

9. France

Many Americans dream about visiting Paris and seeing (and climbing onto) the Eiffel Tower. It is considered to be the most romantic city in the world. If you’re planning to go there with your loved one, or going there to meet someone new, you’ll be welcomed nicely, and you’ll have no trouble meeting someone to speak and socialize with. The French love American tourists and are usually happy to spend time with them.

10. Germany

This country is one of the friendliest towards Americans. Although they tend to appear too formal when they meet you for the first time, once you become friends they open up and become very friendly. They love making friends with Americans. If you decide to visit Germany, you’ll have the best nights out and meet some humorous and fun people for sure.