11 Most Beautiful Tropical Caribbean Islands 


A vacation in the Caribbean can take any direction you want, considering how many gorgeous options there are and how many different possibilities there are to choose from. Whether you want to visit a lively bigger island such as Jamaica or the Bahamas or find a secluded island with almost no tourists, it’s up to you. Here are 11 of the most beautiful Caribbean islands that make irresistible traveling destinations.


1. Dominican Republic

Diverse wildlife, flawless beaches and unforgettable ocean views and unspoiled nature are all great reasons to visit this country in the Caribbean. Indeed, Dominican Republic is an island with so much diversity where you’ll be able to see mesmerizing waterfalls, green hills, a desert and crystal clear ocean by taking one scenic drive across the island. But what makes Dominican Republic even more appealing is the warmth of the local people.

You are bound to feel so welcome and at home wherever you go. So much history is hidden on this wonderful island from the ruins of Taino people to the charming old-fashioned houses in Puerto Plata. But the Dominicans also know how to let loose with their colorful fiestas and carnivals.

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