4 Most Exciting Alaskan Adventure Towns


Fun, adventure, and natural beauty is what usually comes to mind when you think of Alaska. Our northern state could actually be considered to be among the most exciting places on Earth.

Here are the most exciting Alaskan towns which offer once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

1. Ketchikan

This city is not that large, but it is one of the most populated cities in Alaska, and around a quarter of the population consists of people between 18 and 34. This much youth spells out one thing – youthful spirit and lots of fun.

In Ketchikan, people lead a very active nightlife and there are a lot of great music events, but there are many daytime activities as well. For instance, you can take up kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, or four wheeling and enjoy some fun activities that will get you out of your comfort zone.

2. Fairbanks

Fairbanks has somewhere around 31 thousand citizens and it is the largest city in the Interior region of Alaska. The University of Alaska is located in Fairbanks, so there are a lot of young people – 35.8 percent of this city’s population is between 18 and 34-years old.

In this city you can see the beautiful Northern Lights, so take a stroll down Fairbanks’ streets and gaze upon the sky – dress warmly, though. You have read it right, you can actually see Aurora Borealis here.


The nightlife isn’t anything special, but the lights make up for the lack of clubs. However, when you feel hungry, you should know that in Fairbanks you can eat some of the best Alaskan foods.

3. Palmer

Palmer is the city where you literally can’t get bored, as the entire city is full of fun and exciting things to do.

The most music events in Alaska are held here, and it also has more young people than the rest of the state. It would seem as if all the young people came here seeking for some fun. Although this town is very cold (so you’d better dress in layers), not many people have a problem with the temperatures.

If you decide to visit this town, you’ll be happy to know that you can go for scenic trail horse rides for hours and enjoy going through forests and seeing all sorts of wild animals. If you hire a guide to go along with you, they will probably take you to see the Knik River as well.

The mountains are also great if you’re up for adventure, and it’s best to visit this town in winter, when you can engage in all sorts of winter outdoor activities. And when you get tired, you will be able to warm up and relax in one of the cabins, by the fire, with your family or your loved one.

4. Anchorage

This city is extremely close to the biggest mountain terrain in the entire U.S. In Anchorage, there are over 600 inches of snow each year, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy winter sports and have the best time of your life while in Alaska.

Anchorage is the city where the fatbike was invented (a snowbike with two rims together). If you visit this city, you’ll be able to go ice climbing, salmon fishing, see many amazing things and creatures, such as the Alaskan brown bear.

Many visitors enjoy taking boat rides and seeing the glaciers and wildlife. If you’re interested in an ocean adventure, you can try the National Park Tour, where you’ll see the glaciers and feel the waves. Prepare to get a little wet.

There are numerous adventures you can try, but the best thing would be to ask locals what they recommend, based on the weather conditions and the quality of service. Whichever adventure you choose in this town, you will have a great experience to remember for the rest of your life.