7 Obscure Museums from Around the World


Museums can inform and amaze in equal measure, but some museums also have the power to amuse, shock, and surprise. If you have had enough of natural history museums and science museums, you may be interested in seeing something a little bit different when you next visit a museum. Here are seven obscure museums from around the world, all of which promise to be unlike any museums you have seen before.

1. The Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum

Instant noodles are hugely popular in Japan, so it is not much of a surprise that someone decided to dedicate an entire museum to them. This museum in Tokyo focuses entirely on ramen noodle soup, providing a historical look at the soup from its earliest days up until the present. You can journey back in time to experience what Tokyo was like in 1958 when the instant noodles first appeared, and there are also a number of restaurants inside the building serving, unsurprisingly, noodles.

2. The Lunchbox Museum

Museums don’t come much more specialist than this museum in Columbus, Georgia, which houses the largest collection of lunch boxes anywhere in the world. The fun comes from looking through the collection and finding all of your favorite cartoon characters and sports stars that have appeared on the lunch boxes over the years.

3. The British Lawnmower Museum

If you are a fan of lawnmowers then you will be in your element in this museum in Southport, Great Britain. It houses a collection of lawnmowers dating back to the Victorian period, and it is a real treat for any fans of vintage machines. Find out about the history of the lawnmower dating back to its invention in 1830, and see how the designs have changed over the years. You can also get your machines valued at the same time.


4. The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

The humble toilet does not get the recognition it deserves. Or at least that was probably the motive behind the creation of this museum in New Delhi, India. During your visit you will be able to learn all about the history of the toilet and how it has evolved, and there are also a number of ancient toilet designs on display. After visiting this museum, a trip to the restroom will never be the same again.

5. The Torture Museum

This very gruesome museum in Amsterdam, Holland, presents a collection of torture tools and implements that have been used on unfortunate victims through the ages. Torture devices such as the medieval rack are on display, and you will need a strong stomach to make your way around the whole of the museum.

6. The Hair Museum

There is something decidedly creepy about his museum in Avanos, Turkey. It is housed inside a cave, and when you step inside you will find over 16,000 locks of hair hanging from the ceiling, which have been donated by people from all over the world. The museum’s bizarre collection dates back to 1979 when the potter who owns the cave received a single lock of hair, and it has now grown into a major tourist attraction.

7. The Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers

With over 20,000 sets in its collection, the Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, forms one of the strangest collections in the world. Salt and pepper shakers may not seem like the most interesting of collections, but the museum remains a popular attraction that people often stop off in when visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Visit the Strangest Museums in the World

When you travel around the world, it is always interesting to see attractions that are truly unique. These museums will all provide you with something that you will not find anywhere else, and they will make your travels even more interesting.