A Foreigner’s Guide to Visiting the Big Apple


To say that there are a lot of sights for visitors coming to New York to see is like saying there is a lot of water in the ocean. They don’t call New York the Big Apple for nothing, and a person could spend years exploring this city and still not see everything it has to offer.

Indeed, the biggest problem most visitors coming to New York have is that they are spoiled for options, and deciding what to see first, especially in a short amount of time, can be daunting. With that in mind, below are the seven must-see places every visitor to New York should experience.


1. Statue of Liberty

There’s no better way to begin a trip to New York City than a visit to the Statue of Liberty. As a welcoming beacon to millions of immigrants during the early 20th  century, Lady Liberty has taken a special place in the collective psyche of American culture. Built as a gift from France to the people of America, the statue was dedicated in 1886 by President Grover Cleveland and its completion led to New York’s first ticker-tape parade.

Standing at 305 feet, Lady Liberty still dominates New York Harbor and the view from Liberty Island provides some fantastic shots of the Lower Manhattan skyline. Due to safety concerns, only a limited number of people are permitted to climb up to the crown on a given day, meaning tickets should be booked in advance. Nearby Ellis Island is also worth a visit in order to understand this crucial site of American history.

Formerly the country’s busiest immigration processing center, nowadays nearly a third of all Americans can trace their ancestry to a family member who passed through Ellis Island. While this site was the start of a new life for many people, the museum here also details the suffering and disappointment of those who were separated from families or who were deported back to their homelands. Damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Ellis Island has recently begun the process of reopening to the public.

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