All the Wonders Papua New Guinea Has to Offer


Mysterious and raw – those are the words that best describe the country in Melanesia, the South West Pacific Region. Tourism is not so well developed in this country, which is what actually attracts most of the visitors. The exotic nature is unspoiled and waits to be discovered. This is how Papua New Guinea, the hidden gem of Pacific, allures curious tourists.

First of all, visiting Papua New Guinea is a remarkable adventure. Visitors get to experience something they cannot experience anywhere else – they can actually see the tribal traditions and meet the fascinating Papuans. On top of all that, as a visitor, you can also witness a sing-sing, where tribal groups perform certain chants to the sound of drums with beautiful colorful headdresses.

Another unmissable thing are the post-war attractions that Papua New Guinea offers. You can visit the legendary Kokoda Track, where Australians held off the Japanese in World War II. Or, you can go and see countless other sites, war wrecks like fighter planes and ships as remainders of a terrifying time and their intimidating contrast with wild jungles, coral reefs and endless blue water surfaces.

History and people are reason enough to visit this beautiful country, but, as it happens, Papua New Guinea has so much more to offer. This country has one of the most diverse ecosystems. Its topography is mainly the reason for that. And so, this country boasts of mysterious jungles, lonely mountain ranges, powdery shores and the crystal clear ocean – and all of it just waiting to be explored. Papua New Guniea has this magical ability to make you feel like you are the first and only one walking its mesmerizing landscapes. This feeling is majorly influenced by the fact that we already mentioned – the country is not really touristy. This means that infrastructure is almost non-existent. The capital is not connected by roads to any other towns and getting from one place to another mainly means flying in small planes. But don’t let this put you off – this can be part of this country’s charm. Observing this rugged nature from above is an experience of a lifetime, while roaming through the jungles, mountains and empty beaches is an adventure and a challenge you won’t be able to get elsewhere.


Unique flora and fauna are what Papua New Guniea is famous for. As the nature varies from one part of the country to another, so do the animals. More importantly, both nature and animals differ immensely as we move higher above the sea level. While, in the jungles, some typical wildlife can be seen, such as monkeys and tapirs, climb 1500m and you will be amazed with species you will encounter. Australia doesn’t have so many marsupials anymore, but in Papua New Guinea, there are many rare species of them such as wallabies and Tenkile tree kangaroos. It only gets more fascinating as we go higher to 3000m above sea level, and encounter darker and colder forests with pre-historic, incredibly rare species such as echidnas. And above all that, trees give way to grasslands and fields and even snow can be expected at this level. So, you really can see everything in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea invites you to explore its tropical wonders, beaches, volcanoes and rainforests, but enjoying nature is not the only thing you can do here. There are many activities for those craving adventure and fun. This country is heaven for extreme sports lovers, and so climbing Mt. Wilhelm is a popular option for those that can endure it. The climb is difficult and dangerous, so it’s essential to be prepared and go with a trained guide. As you can imagine, water sports are a thriving business on the island as well. So, if you’re a diver or a surfer, you will enjoy yourself immensely. There are numerous options for exploring the underwater world. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling, or take diving lessons if you’re an amateur. And if you’re more of a surfer kind of person, just get a surfboard and ride the waves of Lido, the most popular surfing village, from October to April when surfing is allowed.

This stunning country definitely isn’t everyone’s choice for a vacation. But that’s what makes it so amazing – the chance to explore its untamed corners. If you’re an adventurous and ambitious traveller, Papua New Guinea won’t disappoint you. If anything, it will be an unforgettable and life-changing experience.