Atlanta, Georgia City Tour Options


As a sprawling metropolitan area covering hundreds of miles and home to more than five million people, Atlanta has earned its nickname of the “Capitol of the South.” It is one of the fastest growing and most visited cities in the United States, with people coming in from all over to see its parks, museums, architecture, and sporting events. Newcomers to Atlanta can be intimidated at first by its size. Crowds, traffic, and sprawl can make navigation difficult. The best way to see all that Atlanta has to offer while avoiding any trouble is through a guided tour. Several businesses in the heart of the city offer these fun and affordable tours year-round. Each focuses on different areas of Atlanta, highlighting places and sights that tourists would be most interested in exploring as they get to know this classic city a bit better.

Atlanta Segway Tours

When the weather is nice there are few better ways to see a city than on a Segway tour. These two-wheeled electric machines can be found in major cities around the world carrying people along sidewalks and parks to see the sights. Thanks to their easy operation and self-balancing style the Segway makes for a hands-off outdoor tour option that people of all ages can enjoy.


The Atlanta Segway tour visits several popular areas in and around the city’s midtown. This up-and-coming area has seen a huge growth in parks, pathways, and tourist sites in recent years. The centerpiece of the area remains Centennial Olympic Park. First built for the 1996 Olympics, the park now serves as a central hub for sightseeing, resting, or people watching. The Segway tour stops at the park before moving on to the nearby Georgia Aquarium and CNN Center, which features shops, restaurants, and the world headquarters for the media giant. The tour also takes guests into some nearby historic neighborhoods located closer toward downtown. These include the Sweet Auburn neighborhood, which features some classic Southern architecture.  The entire Segway tour is conducted outdoors so good weather is a must. But if the skies are clear it is an excellent way to see the sights and enjoy some classic Southern sunshine.

“Heart of Atlanta” Bicycle Tour

This tour is a bit more advanced and strenuous than the Segway tour because it requires participants to do some actual bike pedaling as they make their way through the city. The Heart of Atlanta tour is a three-hour bicycle trek that weaves through some of downtown Atlanta’s oldest and most eye-catching neighborhoods. Notable stops include Grant Park and its Oakland Cemetery, which offer plenty of history plus gorgeous views of the city skyline. Underground Atlanta features shops and dining in an area where the original city once stood before it burnt to the ground in the Civil War. Because the tour is heavy on physical labor, thanks to the city’s hills, there are several planned stops for a quick rest and extra sightseeing. If you are up for some pedaling and the weather is nice it is a unique way to see the heart of Atlanta.

The “Rich in History” Tour

As one of the oldest cities in the South, Atlanta is no stranger to history. It is filled with classic Southern architecture and the former home of many of American history’s most important individuals. The Rich in History tour aims to give tourists an up-close view of some of these most important historical settings throughout the city. The American Sightseeing Company, which runs similar tours in major cities across the country, can handle large groups of people at a time, making this tour a great choice for big families or parties. Museums and monuments of note get the focus here, rather than more modern tourist destinations highlighted on other tours. Stops along the way include the state capitol building, the Atlanta History Center, and the gravesite of Martin Luther King, Jr. This tour is also noteworthy because unlike the others it is done by bus. So when the weather is bad just hop on and get a glimpse of the older side of Atlanta rarely seen.