Atlantic City – There’s More than What Meets the Eye 


Atlantic City has never been given much credit and it has always been compared to Las Vegas. And sure, you can always visit this city to gamble your face off. However, there’s much more to Atlantic City than just that.

First of all, it has the ocean which makes it a much more practical option for a vacation than Las Vegas. And then there are all those other possibilities that Atlantic City has to offer, but are often overlooked.

Here are just some of them to give you an unusual trip idea.

1. Watch the 3D Light and Sound Show

Watch the Boardwalk Hall come alive for 8 and a half minutes in this amazing Light and Sound Show. This spectacle consists of light, sound and video mapping which projects the image on the Boardwalk Hall and tells a story about Atlantic City. The best part is that the show, which takes place every half an hour starting from 6 pm, is completely free and open for public.

2. See a Concert

Some of the biggest stars is music have performed precisely in Atlantic City. So, while you’re there, you may actually catch a show like this, but make sure you book your ticket first. Musicians such as Lady Gaga and Michael Bublé gladly perform here and just this summer, the super-popular pop bad boys, Maroon 5, packed the AC beach with 50,000 fans who came to see them live.

3. Climb the Absecon Lighthouse


Standing at 171 feet, the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey and the third tallest in the country. And it’s also one of the oldest ones in the country, standing the test of time for 158 years. You can be part of that history by climbing exactly 228 stairs and enjoying the mesmerizing view of the Atlantic City skyline. And while you’re there, explore the authentic scenery in the museum and get yourself a souvenir at the gift shop.

4. Ride Lucy the Elephant

Lucy is the biggest elephant in the world. She is not real, of course, she is a unique architectural piece famous and loved by everyone in Atlantic City, especially children. Lucy is actually one of the National Historical Landmarks. She is six stories high and you can climb a spiral staircase inside of her and end up on her back. As they like to say – Lucy is the only elephant in the world “you can walk through and come out alive!”

5. Visit Storybook Land

When we say Atlantic City, family fun probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but, trust us, your children will love Storybook Land. This fairytale-like amusement park is located only 10 miles from Atlantic City and it will make you relive your childhood. Your kids will enjoy exploring beautiful castles and Snow White’s house, as well as the exciting rides in the park.

6. Steel Pier

If you’re still a child in an adult body, you will love this century-old amusement park. This famous amusement park provides fun for the whole family. Steel Pier offers a bit scarier rides, such as the Ferris Wheel and the Drop, and you can even book a helicopter ride for a full view of the area. The prices of the tickets are a little high, but on Thursdays you get to ride as much as you want with a $40 pass.

7. Take a Stroll Down the Boardwalk

You can’t say that you’ve been to Atlantic City if you haven’t taken a stroll down the Boardwalk. Everything you need, you can find on the Boardwalk – from fancy restaurants and expensive hotels, to bars and souvenir shops. But if you’re too tired or lazy to walk, you can always take a rolling chair, sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Just don’t forget to take a few stops for some fabulous shopping.

8. Hit the Beach

Don’t just watch the beautiful Atlantic from the Boardwalk, go down there and enjoy it. One of the most famous beaches in America is precisely here in Atlantic City and you shouldn’t miss it for the world. Yes, you can swim, surf, parasail or do whatever else you want at the beach, but when the day turns into night, get ready for a party like you’ve never seen before. All the best clubs and bars are here!