Best Summer Vacation Destinations


When the summer comes, most of us feel the urge to travel somewhere. We want to use those sunny days as best as we can instead of sitting at work and watching them pass. Even though a perfect summer vacation isn’t the same for every traveler, we generally want to spend our days off somewhere far from our usual crowd; somewhere we can forget about our problems and just enjoy the sun and good company. Here are the best summer destinations you should consider this year.

1. Yellowstone

You don’t need to travel across the globe to have an exciting and relaxing summer vacation. Yellowstone National Park is home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders and it’s right here in the US. This should be the spot for every traveler who likes a bit of adventure combined with some extraordinary scenery. Walk along the magnificent hiking trails, visit the iconic Grand Prismatic Spring and the Old-Faithful geyser and enjoy the Park’s amazing wildlife. For the fullest experience, bring your camping gear and spend a night or two right there, instead of booking an expensive hotel.

2. San Francisco

During the summer, millions of tourists flock to San Francisco to admire its iconic sights and enjoy the unique atmosphere. But don’t go to San Francisco if you’re looking for a peaceful, relaxing summer vacation. This city will leave you breathless with the countless possibilities and you won’t stay at one spot for too long. You will find yourself roaming through this city’s colorful streets, riding the cable car or trying its finger-licking cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. But when you get tired of exploring the city, you can always take an afternoon off and relax at the beach.

3. Paris


For this one, you will indeed have to travel across the globe. But Paris is so worth the trip. Everything from its unbelievable architecture, through cultural scene, exquisite cuisine, fashion and people will make you fall in love with this city at first sight. Spend a day at Versailles Palace and enjoy the splendor of the palace and the gardens. Climb the iconic Eiffel Tower and kiss someone special while enjoying the view of the whole city. Walk the Champs Elysees and try to resist the charming boutiques along the way. Or spend a few hours at the most famous museum in the world, The Louvre.

4. Amsterdam

One of the many advantages of this wonderful city is the diversity of options it offers. Every type of traveler will find something interesting in Amsterdam. Even though the city attracts a younger crowd which is looking for a vacation full of parties and adventure, Amsterdam is much more than that. It can also serve as an excellent family destination or a romantic getaway. Apart from being wild and exciting, Amsterdam offers great cuisine, peaceful walks and romantic boat rides along its numerous canals. But if you’re up for exploring Amsterdam, you may as well check out the legendary Red Light District, ride a bike across the city and try their heavenly pancakes.

5. Maui

Even though you won’t go wrong with any spot you choose in sunny Hawaii, Maui easily takes the crown in this archipelago. What’s so amazing is that you’ll be staying inside the US borders, yet you will feel like you stepped into heaven. According to many travelers, Maui is the perfect summer destination and it offers just the right amount of everything – mesmerizing scenery, serene beach afternoons, bustling culture scene, admirable history and exciting water sports. While in Maui, you can choose to spend your days at a resort, but don’t miss the opportunity to explore this wonderful island.

6. Santorini

Greece, home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. Nothing can beat those black and white sand shores and turquoise sea. And if your ideal vacation spot is Greece, you should definitely check out the famous archipelago of Santorini. You know the one with flawlessly white buildings in perfect harmony with the caramel sunsets? When you’re not relaxing by the sea, make sure to explore the ancient architecture with impressive historic sites and to admire the unforgettable sunsets. Take a trip around the smaller islands too and you will feel like you’re in some other world.

7. Barcelona

Even though you can enjoy a beach vacation in Barcelona, that’s not the reason why the majority of tourists visit this fascinating city every year. Sure, you can choose this city as your summer vacation spot, but make sure to explore every corner of it. Sites like La Sagrada Familia, Casa BatIIo and Guell Park are something you shouldn’t miss for the world. But Barcelona also offers vibrant nightlife, world-class shopping opportunities, and who can forget the delicious Catalan cuisine. No wonder Barcelona is one of the top traveling destinations in the world.