Best Travel Destinations for 2016 


Whether they’re hosting a big event, they’re opening a new resort or it’s just the right time to finally visit, these destinations are the best contenders for the greatest vacation you could have this year. It’s time to plan your next adventure and we’ve got just the places you need to check out this year.


1. Los Cabos

If your idea of a vacation includes relaxing at the beach, sipping a colorful cocktail at a resort and observing the turquoise waters of the Pacific, Los Cabos is the right option this year. This hot vacation spot has finally regained the old glory that was lost in the 2014 Hurricane Odila.

The area was completely devastated but resorts are opening their doors once more inviting the tourists from all parts of the world. You might want to hurry up and enjoy the mild weather until May, but spring is just as nice in Los Cabos. From affordable hotels, to exclusive resorts, Los Cabos offers a great experience with fine dining and spa. And you should definitely not miss exploring the waters by snorkeling or observing the whales.

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