Experience the Great Mississippi River in the Best Way Possible


Exploring the has always been one of the greatest All-American experiences. Its natural beauties and splendor of the vast water surface together with the cities along the river bank have fascinated tourists for more than two centuries. But if you’re planning to treat yourself to this experience, you should carefully consider the options available in order to enjoy it in the best way possible.

The most immediate way to do this is by going on a cruise. Not only will you spend more than a week in these peaceful surroundings, you will also be able to enjoy the luxury of amazing cruise boats.

If you decide that a cruise is the best option for your Mississippi vacation, there are several cruise lines you can choose from. Only 3 cruise lines offer the full experience that lasts for over a week: Avalon Waterways, American Cruise Lines and The American Queen Steamboat Company.

1. Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways prides itself on viewing life from your perspective. This company knows what you want – it gives you more space and more beautiful sights to see. The quality they offer is beyond every expectation but be prepared to pay for it all. You will have to save at least $5,000 and take into consideration that the shortest Mississippi cruise with Avalon Waterways is 11 days long which also reflects on the price.


However, Avalon will give you the vacation of a lifetime. Your cruise begins in Nashville and ends in New Orleans. If you like your cruise with a side of dry land, Avalon provides plenty of stops in beautiful cities such as Memphis and St. Louis. Not only will you be able to eat in some of the finest restaurants and drink beer from famous breweries, you will also get the unique opportunity to visit Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home and resting place.

2. American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines are experts when it comes to Mississippi River cruises. They offer several options you can choose from, such as Upper Mississippi and Lower Mississippi River cruises, as well as a mid-Mississippi cruise which is basically a route from St. Louis to Cincinnati and it offers you an opportunity to see Ohio River as well. The price of around $7,000 may surprise you, but American Cruise Lines are definitely worth it. You will feel like royalty aboard the luxurious Queen of the Mississippi and enjoy “the most comfortable cruising experience imaginable” as they promise.

It doesn’t matter which part of the magnificent Mississippi River you choose to see, with American Cruise Lines you can’t go wrong. In the Upper Mississippi Cruise, you will observe amazing landscapes between St. Paul to St. Louis. Lower Mississippi Cruise will take you through centuries of culture, music and cuisine from Memphis to New Orleans. And we already mentioned the Ohio River Cruise that will make you get lost in not one but two iconic American rivers.

3. The American Queen Steamboat Company

For the ultimate cruise experience, the American Queen Steamboat Company will make you feel like you were taken back in time to the days of Mark Twain and jazz. The impressive American Queen is 418-feet long which makes her the biggest steamboat ever made. And this company aims to give you a tour through history to the point where you will forget the actual world exists and just enjoy your voyage.

Fares go from $2,249 for an inner cabin to $6,100 for a suite with a veranda. So if you want that mesmerizing view of the river at all times, you will have to pay for it. But whatever your budget is, the American Queen Steamboat offers you an epic adventure through the American heyday. You can choose between the Upper Mississippi Cruise and Lower Mississippi Cruise that distinguish between a wide array of voyages through specific cities. Your time on dry land may not be as long as with the other companies, but the atmosphere on the boat definitely makes up for that.