Exploring Australia’s Exotic Side


Australia is one of the places most people have on their tourist bucket list. This continent offers its citizens as well as tourists a unique experience when it comes to wildlife and culture.

Australia has some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic landscapes, and many of them are World Heritage Areas and national parks. In this continent, which is also a single country, you can see native animals up close without having to go to the zoo. You can see some of the native plants and explore ancient rainforests close to the modern cities. There are so many experiences you can have in Australia and remember for the rest of your life, but here are the top 5 that will enrich your travels.

1. Tasmanian wilderness adventures in Tasmania

If you like excitement and adrenalin, try rafting down the Franklin River in Tasmania, where you’ll experience surging rapids, but also have some relaxing time while passing the amazing and peaceful leatherwood and myrtle forests. Fill your day with hiking through the gorgeous Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park. Here, you can rent a cabin, interact with the nature and enjoy your time.

2. Meet the locals


When you start packing your suitcases for your trip to Australia, prepare yourself to see kangaroos and koalas in people’s backyards. The animals you can see in this beautiful country are some you can’t see anywhere else in the world. When it comes to people living in Australia, they aren’t much different than people in other parts of the world. They cherish their mix of cultures and they define themselves by their aboriginal heritage. Whether you visit a city or travel the coast, you will be able to connect to the aboriginal culture, which is believed to be the world’s oldest living culture. Australia’s indigenous people celebrate their culture in many festivals throughout the year, so if you want to experience it- check online for festival dates across the continent.

3. Explore the Rain Forest Canopy

Although Australia is the driest continent on earth, it has around 10 million acres of rain forest. The Daintree Rainforest, a World Heritage Site since 1988, is possibly the oldest rain forest on earth that still exists.  In this rain forest, you can see amazingly beautiful orchids, climbing vines, and maybe even a python or two. You will also be able to see numerous beautiful native plants and animals that live in the rain forest canopy. If this sounds too peaceful and you want an adrenaline rush, take a Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour and you’ll enjoy the excitement besides the views.

4. Go desert roaming

Besides the rainforests, lakes, rivers and the ocean, most of Australia is actually dominated by desert and very dry areas. As it is not recommendable that you go into the desert alone, you could experience this vast and great area with the help of railways such as the Ghan which goes through Pedirka and Tanami Deserts. There are other railways that can take you through other desserts, as well as different cities, so this may be a great way to explore different parts of Australia without putting yourself in danger or exhausting yourself unnecessarily.

5. Go shark diving

Not all animals in Australia are as harmless and cuddly as a koala. While many tourists are aware that there are sharks in the ocean and avoid putting themselves in danger by attracting their attention, some decide to go where their adrenalin takes them, and that often implies going into waters where there is a high chance you’ll meet a shark.  If you’re up for something like that, you can go on an excursion which will take you on a cage dives with the sharks.

IF you would like to experience swimming with sharks, but this sounds too scary, you could also choose to shark dive in an aquarium where you’ll be able to close to the sharks, but stay safer than you’d be in a cage.