How to Choose the Best Romantic Travel Destinations


There are certain parts of the world that are famous for being romantic honeymoon getaways, but you may find that branching out and trying new romantic vacation spots will help you to expand your horizons. You may just find that trying a never-before explored destination will be the best way for you and your new spouse to enjoy that perfect romantic honeymoon that you always wanted.

There are many places where you can find romantic honeymoon getaways, but most of them will simply tell you to visit Paris, Hawaii, or Venice. While these romantic travel destinations will be good for your honeymoon, why not go off the beaten path and enjoy one of the unique romantic travel destinations below. You may find that visiting these places will give you the chance to enjoy a unique look into some of the world’s most secret romantic honeymoon getaways:

1. Mexico

Mexico is famous for its beaches of Acapulco and Cancun, but you will find that avoiding these beaches when on your honeymoon is best. Try visiting Playa del Carmen to the south of Cancun for a true romantic holiday experience, or Ixtapa to the north of Acapulco. Playa del Carmen is a beautiful town rich with the history of the Mayans, and you will find that the palatial villas will make the perfect place for you to stay. Ixtapa is a small tourist destination on the calm beaches, but you will find surfing, traditional Mexican food, and handcrafts in the town of Zihuatanejo just a few minutes away. What better way to spend your honeymoon than lounging on the beautiful beaches of sunny Mexico?


2. Malaysia

Visiting Southeast Asia will provide you with one of the best honeymoon experiences, especially Cameron Highland in Malaysia. The rolling hills of the highlands are dotted with tea plantations, and the breathtaking views of the countryside below will provide you with the perfect romantic atmosphere for your romantic honeymoon getaways. You will find the beautiful jungle trails, highland paths, and strawberry farms will complete your vacation.

3. China

Lijang in China is one of the most spectacular hidden romantic travel destinations, as few people outside of China know why this town is called “the Venice of Asia”. You will find that the marvelous views of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain will astound you, and walking through this ancient Chinese town will allow you to bask in one of the oldest cultures in the world. You will find that the bridges span beautiful rivers, and the cobble streets make strolling hand in hand a truly magical experience.

4. Indonesia

Bintan Island is just one of the many islands in Indonesia, or is it? Visiting this island is one of the best romantic travel destinations to celebrate your love, as walking through the beautiful jungle or swimming on the white sand beaches will be the perfect way to enjoy your honeymoon together. Peace and serenity are the main exports of this island, and you will find that relaxing on this beautiful Indonesian island will be the best way to spend time getting to know each other as you start the rest of your lives together. Visit the ancient volcano or gaze out over the breathtaking views of the South China Sea; Bintain Island offers you everything you want for your romantic honeymoon getaways and more.

Remember that finding new romantic holiday destinations is the best way to enjoy your honeymoon in a unique setting. While most people will travel to Paris, Venice or Hawaii for their vacation, you will find that these few romantic honeymoon getaways will provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity that will make your honeymoon memorable and special. These travel destinations will offer you everything you want in your romantic getaway, and you will find that exploring the marvels and wonders of these destinations will provide you with the best way to begin your marriage.