How to Finally Make Your Foreign Travel Dreams Come True


If you’ve longed to visit foreign lands for years, but somehow never seem to get the opportunity, it’s time to take action and make your travel dreams come true. Instead of simply longing for the excitement of exploring new lands, get busy and take specific steps that put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to achieving your goals. Before you know it, you’ll be off on the adventure of a lifetime.

1. Get a Passport

Whether or not you actually have the money to book your reservations at the moment, you can set a level of expectation in your mind by applying for and obtaining a passport. Let’s face it, even if you have a fortune in the bank and plenty of time off work, you’re not going to be able to leave this country or enter another one without a passport. Contact your local post office or apply online and have your passport in your hot little hand when the opportunity to travel arises.

2. Buy Luggage

When traveling to foreign countries, it’s likely that you’ll want to pack a few more items than you would for a trip in the United States. Foreign language dictionaries, adapters for your electronics, maps of the area to which you’re traveling and other essentials will take up space in your baggage. Shop for luggage that fits the size requirements that airlines impose and ensure that you have enough bags to contain all of the essentials and a few extras.


3. Save Money

If your finances are the reason you’ve not achieved your travel dreams, rethink how you look at the expense of foreign travel. Instead of waiting until a large chunk of money drops into your lap from your income tax return or an inheritance from a wealthy relative, start saving today. Even if you simply start throwing your change in a jar each night, over time it will add up. Open a dedicated savings account and throw five dollars in it each week. As you see your savings grow, you’ll become encouraged and find other ways to start adding to your foreign travel fund.

4. Visualize the Trip

Sometimes it can be hard to achieve your goals because it’s difficult for you to mentally accept them as being possible. Instead of thinking that foreign travel is the impossible dream that will never happen for you, spend time each day planning out your trip in your head.

See yourself boarding the plane, imagine the movie that you’ll watch during the flight and picture your hotel room in such vivid detail that you can feel the spring of the mattress when you lay on it and smell the fresh cut flowers that the hotel staff placed on the table in your room. Imagine yourself visiting the various tourist sites that you’ve longed to see. Involve all of your senses in your visualization to help bring the images to life.

5. Prepare a Travel Wardrobe

In order to travel comfortably to another land, it helps to have the proper clothing. Research the climate and the customs of the country you will visit to determine what types of clothes will be most useful. Include a pair of sturdy walking shoes if you’ll be spending lots of time on your feet, shorts, tees and a couple of swimming suits for a vacation on the beach or something dressier when you plan to spend your nights dancing the night away in the clubs.

No matter how long you’ve longed for foreign travel and how futile that desire may have seemed at times, you can make it happen. Break your plans down into small, manageable steps and take them one at a time. Refuse to be overwhelmed by the challenge of traveling out of the country, make your plans and stick to them. Bon voyage!