Romantic Breaks in Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast 


Croatia’ Dalmatian coast is one of the most picturesque in Europe offering an abundance of beautiful landscape and clear waters along with ancient cities and relics of ages long past. A perfect destination for couples seeking an affordable romantic break or even just a long weekend, there are many places to choose from in Croatia. For those seeking a combination of fine cultural attractions and ancient historic sites and the perfect seaside getaway, Croatia certainly does not disappoint.

Having long been on the tourist map, the country’s Dalmatian coast is also well developed while still remaining largely unspoiled. With cheap flights to a variety of destinations including Dubrovnik, Split and the Croatian capital, Zagreb, a holiday to Croatia does not have to be overly expensive either. Following are four of the best places to visit on the Dalmatian coast for your next romantic holiday.

1. Dubrovnik

Sometimes known by its Italian name, Ragusa, the idyllic city of Dubrovnik is undoubtedly Croatia’s best known destination. A small and manageable place with a population of around 43,000, Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its splendid architecture and ancient walled city.

Having long been established as an upmarket tourist destination, Dubrovnik has no shortage of high-end hotels and romantic restaurants lining its cobbled streets and picturesque water front. The Old Harbour, city walls and iconic red-tiled roofs make Dubrovnik one of the best preserved cities of its kind in the entire region. The city is served by various European budget airlines including EasyJet.


2. Split

With a similar style to Dubrovnik, Split has a great deal to offer, particularly because of its much larger size with a population of around 180,000. The city is the second-largest in Croatia and one of its most popular destinations thanks to its outstanding cultural heritage. Boasting picturesque city walls, cobbled streets and red-roofed houses, Split is very much a romantic city and it is not as overpriced as Dubrovnik either.

Split is most famous for the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, constructed by the Roman emperor in 305 AD. The city of Split grew up around it over the centuries. The palace complex, comprising much of the old town, is one of the most historic sites in the country. Split is served by many European budget airlines, including EasyJet.

3. Zadar

Zadar is another typical Dalmatian port city located on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the region’s most important historical and cultural settings although it is less visited than either Split or Dubrovnik. Zadar has a population of 75,000 making it a small enough city to see on foot.

Sites include the ninth century St. Donatus Church, St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, the Roman Forum (which is the largest in the Eastern Adriatic) and various other Roman remains including an aqueduct and various fortified towers. Zadar has quite an Italian feel about it with its large open squares, baroque architecture and many fine dining opportunities.

4. Brela 

Brela is a small village in the county of Split and for couples wanting to get away from the city for a while, Brela is the perfect place. Only a short bus ride from Split, Brela has developed into an upmarket and very pleasant tourist town boasting some of Croatia’s finest beaches.

In fact, the Forbes magazine voted the local beach, Punta Rata as the sixth best beach in the entire world! For those who want to enjoy a relaxing and romantic holiday by the beach or cruising around the nearby islands, Brela is an ideal base. If you are planning a longer trip to Croatia, it is also a good choice for a stopover between Split and Dubrovnik.