The Bachelor Claims These Are the Best Locations to Propose to Your Girlfriend 


We all anticipated that moment when Ben Higgins chooses his leading lady and stops being “the bachelor.” JoJo Fletcher, the real estate developer from Dallas, and Lauren Bushnell, a flight attendant from Marina Del Rey, were the last ones standing, both hoping to win the heart of the lucky bachelor. In the dramatic season finale, Ben made his mind and chose Lauren to be his wife.

But, whether we rooted for Lauren or JoJo, we were all mesmerized by the stunning location where the final episodes took place. Romance obviously blossoms in Jamaica in Sandals Beach Resort, so we thought we might steal a few ideas for the perfect proposal from the previous seasons of The Bachelor. 

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Four years after breaking all the bachelorettes’ hearts and leaving the show alone, Brad Womack was finally ready to settle down. Of course, the show’s budget grew bigger in those four years, so it was much easier for him to pop the question at the location such as South Africa. Season 15 featured the amazing Lion Sands Private Game Reserve, where the suites are practically treehouses with top-notch amenities. It’s no wonder that proposals run so smoothly here, with stunning scenery, white sandy beaches and exotic animals keeping you company.

2. Oahu, Hawaii

Sometimes, you don’t have to go to another continent for an unforgettable proposal location. “Officer and Gentleman” season 10 of The Bachelor was made on the beautiful Hawaiian island. One of the favorite bachelors, Andrew Baldwin, gave his final rose to Tessa Horst right here and it’s easy to see why. Imagine getting engaged at the beach with the waves crashing behind you, the sun shining bright and the palms rising all around. The luxurious resorts and all the wonderful possibilities to celebrate once you get/give that ring to your SO add up to the whole experience.

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

Fans were used to The Bachelor proposals happening at sunny locations by the beach, so it came as quite a surprise when season 16 stars Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson flew to none other than the snowy Jungfrau Mountain in lovely Switzerland. The proposal and the scenery were awe-inspiring just as much as the others if not even more. Model Courtney received her ring high above the sea-level, with forests and snowy peaks extending behind them while the whole party enjoyed their time in the glamorous Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel. Too bad this amazing location can’t guarantee eternal happiness, since Ben’s and Courtney’s forever lasted for about five minutes.


4. St. Lucia

Bachelor Jake Pavelka got down on one knee in front of the blonde Vienna who had captured his heart and promised his love in the gorgeous scenery of St. Lucia. This little country in the Caribbean is known as heaven on Earth, with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking Piton mountains, secluded beaches and inviting resorts. It’s not difficult to get a little romantic in such atmosphere, and so the two thought their love was going to last forever. It didn’t, since they broke up a few months later. But you can still get inspiration from their sweet proposal.

5. Chiang Rai, Thailand

Apparently, the couples that get engaged in Chiang Rai stay together since the bachelor from season 17, Sean Lowe and his number one lady are still together and expecting a baby. Sean popped the question in this lovely town in Thailand giving us all some unrealistic proposal goals. But this province of Thailand is a serious contender for one of the most romantic places where you can just relax and admire wonderful landscapes, an 800-year-old culture and enjoy the luxury in one of the secluded resorts overlooking the valley. It becomes clear why Sean and Catherine’s love is still strong.

6. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you’re going to have your heart broken, you would want it to be in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Neither DeAnna, nor Jenni could tame the wild heart of the bachelor Brad Womack in season 11 so he sent them both packing. Of course they weren’t so thrilled about it, but he did it at one of the most romantic places on earth. Even after the scandalous finale of the 11th season, Cabo San Lucas is still high on our list of the best locations to propose to you girl. After just one look at the unforgettable horizon, you’ll understand why.

7. Bali

As The Bachelor progresses, we get to enjoy watching more and more beautiful locations. And the contestants get to hope they will be chosen and proposed to exactly at that romantic spot. Unfortunately, in season 19, contestant Whitney didn’t get the ring from farmer Chris in Bali, but only later when they returned home. But we’re still impressed by this amazing location and we’re naming it one of our favorite spots for getting engaged. What more can you wish for than the tropical beach, light breeze, sunny sky and friendly people all around you as you share that memorable moment with your loved one.

8. New Zealand

And finally, we had to mention the most controversial proposal on The Bachelor that took place in New Zealand, amidst all the undiscovered beauty, achingly beautiful nature displayed in every mountain, every beach and every forest. So we agree that New Zealand is one of the best possible places for popping the question to the love of your life. But please, make sure you don’t change your mind soon after like the indecisive bachelor from season 13, Jason Mesnick. After he proposed to Melissa, he changed his mind on the season special after the finale and asked the runner-up Molly for another chance. They also got engaged in New Zealand and are still going strong.