The Most Hauntingly Mysterious US Towns


From vibrant cities, across exotic beaches, all the way to the impressive mountain tops, USA is filled with natural and architectural wonders. But some of them are truly unexplainable which makes these places all the more fascinating. Here are the American towns covered with a veil of mystery.

1. Cripple Creek, Colorado

Even though Cripple Creek is a famous gambling place now, in its history, it was the greatest gold-mining town. Possessed by the gold fever, a lot of people rushed to this town to try their luck and hopefully make a fortune. But many of them lost their lives in the process. This is why Cripple Creek is believed to be haunted. And not only is the land possessed by ghosts of the unsettled souls, some even believe to have seen bigfoot roaming around in the wild outskirts of town. The ideas of paranormal activity may seem far-fetched but they do attract mystery lovers from all over the country.

2. Redding, California

We’re moving to the snowy peaks of Mount Shasta which have been attracting all kinds of tourists from all across the country, all wanting to see for themselves if the stories are true. These slopes have allegedly seen some bizarre things ranging from UFO sightings, inexplicable disappearances, secret underground military bases and many others. In 2011, a boy disappeared for five hours on this location claiming a ghost of his grandmother took him to a cave filled with spiders, while one man claims he heard a beautiful mysterious voice calling him from the distance before he disappeared for several weeks. Spooky, indeed.

3. Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania


This little village attracts a lot of tourists each year who are all eager to try and “play some music” on the wonderful natural instruments in Ringing Rock Park. The rocks placed in the woods of this beautiful park actually sound like bells once they’re struck. And even though this is not the only place on earth where you can encounter such phenomenon, this is the only one that scientists couldn’t explain. While these rocks are usually formed by glaciers or avalanches, this was not the case here as these ringing rocks are on top of a hill, not the bottom.

4. Homestead, Florida

Homestead is the home to one of the most fascinating structures in the country – Coral Castle. It consists of many monolithic stones each weighing several tones. But this amazing structure has an even more amazing story behind it. It was built between 1923 and 1951 by a Latvian man called Edward Leedskalnin. According to the legend, Edward built the whole castle himself, using only reverse magnetism and even supernatural powers. And why did he build such a majestic structure? He did it to mend his broken heart after his fiancée in Latvia had left him only a day before the wedding.

5. Death Valley, California

The name alone is sufficient to make you never want to go to this desert in Eastern California. But Death Valley also has something quite fascinating to offer. If you dare to step on this fiery hot ground, you just might catch a mysterious “sailing stone” passing you by. No, it’s not ghosts, but the phenomenon itself gives us goosebumps. These stones, also called rolling stones move along the valley without any human intervention leaving a smooth trail behind them. While the most logical reason would be that the strong wind has moved them, geologists have ruled it out so it’s still largely a mystery.

6. Gold Hill, Oregon

Oregon Vortex is a touristic attraction claimed to have supernatural powers around it. The House of Mystery offers you a unique opportunity to experience the out-of-this world which will make you question all the theories you know. Among the incredible things you may see here are the gravity-defying objects that roll uphill and brooms that stand on end. Another famous thing in Oregon Vortex is the “height change” where people seem taller and shorter depending on where they stand. All of these are optical illusions, but the visitors remain dazzled by the sight of something so strange.

7. Manteo, Roanoke Island

One of the creepiest stories comes from Roanoke Island – the story of a “Lost Colony”. In the 16th century, and English colony settled Roanoke Island but only three years later these 118 settles disappeared without a trace. Those who returned from England found no man, woman or child on the Island but there was no sign of struggle. The only clue they found was the word CROATOAN carved on a wooden post. Even though there have been several search attempts and even more hypotheses throughout the year, no one really knows what happened to the Lost Colony.